GATE CH Question Paper 2016

GATE CH Question Paper 2016.

GATE i.e. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering Chemical Engineering 2016 Exam has been conducted by IISc Bangalore IIT Bombay IIT Delhi IIT Guwahati IIT Kanpur IIT Kharagpur IIT Madras IIT Roorkee. This GATE CH 2016 examination is the procedure to get the admission in M.Tech

GATE Chemical Engineering i.e. CH Question Paper, This GATE CH 2016 Question will help all the students for their exam preparation, here the question type is MCQ i.e multiple choice question answers, if this GATE CH 2016 question paper in pdf file for GATE CH you can download it in FR CH, if GATE Chemical Engineering 2016 paper in text for GATE CH you can download GATE CH 2016 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

GATE CH 2016 Question paper Free Download PDF is available in which has been provided by many students this GATE Chemical Engineering 2016 paper is available for all the students in FR CH and also GATE CH 2016 question paper fully solved i.e with answer keys and solution.

GATE CH Question Paper 2016

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 A reactor has been installed at a cost of Rs. 50,000 and is expected to have a working life of 10 years with a scrap value of Rs. 10,000. The capitalized cost (in Rs.) of the reactor based on an annual compound interest rate of 5% is
(A) 1,13,600 (B)42,000 (C)52,50() (D)10,500

 Sticky materials are transported by
(A) apron conveyor (B) screw Conveyor
(C) belt conveyor (D) hydraulic Conveyor

The Grashof Number is
(A) thermal diffusivity/mass diffusivity
(B) inertial force/surface tension force
(C) sensible heat/latent heat
(D) buoyancy force/viscous force

 A cylindrical storage tank can have a self supported conical roof,
(A) if its diameter is less than 20m
(B) if its diameter is more than 50m
(C) if the thickness of the roof is more than that of the cylindrical shell
(D) whatever is the diameter

Which of the following is desirable in gasoline but undesirable in kerosene?
(A) Aromatics (B) Mercaptans
(C) Naphthenic Acid (D) Paraffins

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