GATE CE Question Paper 2016

GATE CE Question Paper 2016.

GATE i.e. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering Civil Engineering 2016 Exam has been conducted by IISc Bangalore IIT Bombay IIT Delhi IIT Guwahati IIT Kanpur IIT Kharagpur IIT Madras IIT Roorkee. This GATE CE 2016 examination is the procedure to get the admission in M.Tech

GATE Civil Engineering i.e. CE Question Paper, This GATE CE 2016 Question will help all the students for their exam preparation, here the question type is MCQ i.e multiple choice question answers, if this GATE CE 2016 question paper in pdf file for GATE CE you can download it in FR CE, if GATE Civil Engineering 2016 paper in text for GATE CE you can download GATE CE 2016 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

GATE CE Question Paper 2016

GATE CE 2016 Question paper Free Download PDF is available in which has been provided by many students this GATE Civil Engineering 2016 paper is available for all the students in FR CE and also GATE CE 2016 question paper fully solved i.e with answer keys and solution.

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Q.5 The following statements are related to bending of beams:
I The slope of the bending moment diagram is equal to the shear force.
II The slope of the shear force diagram is equal to the load intensity.
if The slope of the curvature is equal to the flexural rotation.
IV The second derivative of the deflection is equal to the curvature.
The only FALSE statement is
(A) I (B) II (C) III (D) IV

Q.6 If a small concrete cube is submerged deep in still water in such a way that the pressure excited on all faces of the cube is p. then the maximum shear stress developed inside the cube is
(A) 0 (B) p/2 (C) p (D) 2p

Q.8 Which one of the following is categorised as a long-term loss of prestress in a prestressed concrete
(A) Loss due to elastic shortenin2 (B) Loss due to friction
(C) Loss due to relaxation of strands (D) Loss due to anchorage slip

Q.9 In a steel plate with bolted connections, the rupture of the net section is a mode of failure under
(A) tension (B) compression (C) flextire (D) shear

Q.10 The ratio of the theoretical critical bucklin2 load for a column with fixed ends to that of another cohuiui with the same dimensions and material, but with pinned ends. is equal to
(A)0.5 (B)1.0 (C) 2.0 (D) 4.0

Q.11 The effective stress friction anale of a saturated. cohesionless soil is 38°. The ratio of shear stress to nonnal effective stress on the failure plane is
(A) 0.781 (B) 0.616 (C) 0.488 (D)0.438

Q.12 Two series of compaction tests were performed in the laboratory on an inorganic clayey soil emp1oyin two different levels of compaction energy per tulit vohune of soil. With regard to the above tests. the following two statements are made.
I The optimum moisture conteilt is expected to be more for the tests with higher energy.
II The maximum dry density is expected to be more for the tests with higher energy.
The CORRECT option evaluating the above statements is
(A) Only I is TRUE (B) Only II is TRUE
(C) Both I and II are TRUE (D) Neither I nor II is TRUE

Q.13 As per the Indian Standard soil classification system. a sample of silty clay with liquid limit of 40% and plasticity index of 28% is classified as
(A) CH (B) CI (C) CL (D) C’L-ML