MCA Entrance Papers I With Answer Computer Science


1. A terabyte comprises
(a) 1024 gigabyte (b) 1024 kilobyte
(c) 1024 megabyte (d) 1024 byte

2. The access time refers to

(a) Time required to locate and retrieve stored data
(b) Time required to locate the lost data
(c) Time required to delete specific data on a certain memory location
(d) None of the above

3. Select the smallest memory size.
(a) Terabyte (b) Gigabyte
(c) Kilobyte (d) Megabyte

4. The type of RAM that works by staying on the row containing the requested bit and moves faster through the columns reading each bit as it goes is

5. The ROM chip which can be rewritten several times and requires the action of ultraviolet radiations to erase its contents is
(a) Flash memory (b) PROM

6. The type of memory that uses in-circuit wiring to erase the content by applying electric field is
(a) PROM (b) Flash memory

7. Dynamic memory is also called as
(a) Internal processor memory (b) Primary memory
(c) External storage memory (d) Non-volatile memory

8. The memory which is utmost accessible to the processor is
(a) Cache memory (b) RAM
(c) Hard disk (d) Flash memory

9. The storage device that has high cost per bit of storage is
(a) SDRAM (b) Cache memory
(c) Read only Memory (d) Hard disk

10. The dual-port version of DRAM formerly used in graphics adaptors is

11. The secondary storage device that follows the sequential mode of access is
(a) Optical Disk (b) Magnetic Disk
(c) Magnetic Tape (d) None of these

12. FPI stands for
(a) Faults per inch (b) Frames per inch
(c) Figure per inch (d) Film per inch

13. The most common type of floppy size is
(a) 3½-inch (b) 5¼-inch
(c) 4¾-inch (d) None of these

14. A spiral shape track formatting is present in
(a) Floppy Disk (b) Optical Disk
(c) Hard Disk (d) Half-inch Tape Cartridge

15. A floppy can be write protected by
(a) Breaking the slider
(b) Positioning the slider to cover the hole
(c) Positioning the slider away from the hole
(d) A floppy cannot be write protected

16. Rotational delay time is also known as
(a) Seek time (b) Shift time
(c) Latency (d) Access time

17. The average drives have an access time of
(a) 14-29 ms (b) 9-14 ms
(c) 60-70 ms (d) None of these

18. In which kind of disk does the read/write head physically touches the surface?
(a) Hard Disk (b) Compact Disk
(c) Floppy Disk (d) None of these

19. RAID stands for
(a) Reproduce Array of Intelligent Disks
(b) Reproduce Array of Inexpensive Disks
(c) Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives
(d) Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks

20. CD-ROM is a kind of
(a) Optical disk (b) Magneto-Optical disk
(c) Magnetic disk (d) None of these

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