Cisco Placement Question Paper 2017

Cisco Placement Question Paper 2017.

at is ip
what are the common critical,blocker,major,minor bug founds while testing a mobile.
What is CSU/DSU & explain the function????
10. Which STP state populates the MAC address table but doesn’t forward data
frames? A. Blocking B. Listening C. Learning D. Forwarding
differentiate between named & unnamed pipe.
How we ping ICMP a NIC with a correct IP address but with wrong MAC address Do
all NIC’s can run inpromiscuous mode
How we put NIC in promiscuous mode when using MS windows, can any one tell me
in detail
highest voltage gain can be obtained from a ).CC b).CE c).CB d).Both CE and CB
GSM channel bandwidth is a ).200mhz b).200khz c).25 mhz. d.)25 khz
What is the Broadcast MAC Address?
what is on line transformer and off line transformer.
3.Which type of fading cause serious distortion of modulated signal a)selective fading
b)interference fading c)absorption fading d)polarization fading
Explain Application Layer with the help of application layer protocol?
How we put NIC in promiscuous mode when using MS windows, can any one tell me
in detail
What are the advantages and disadvantages of NIC
What are the advantages and disadvantages of modem
What are two characteristics of clients in data networks?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of switch
How to configure gigabit port in 2950
Given n nodes. Find the number of different structural binary trees that can be
formed using the nodes.
What is a Recovery Testing
Which layer is responsible for determining if sufficient resources for the intended
communication exists? * Application * Network * Session * Presentation * Transport
What are the 2 functions of the Data Link Mac layer? * Handles access to shared
media * Manages protocol access to the physical network medium * Provides SAPs
for higher level protocols * Allows multiple devices to uniquely identify one another
on the data link layer
What is SPAN or RSPAN?
What is TACACS? Radius?
Which layer is responsible for identifying and establishing the availability of the
intended communication partner? * Application * Presentation * Transport * Session
* Network
Which two of the following protocols are used at the Transport layer? * ARP * UDP *
Which of the following provide correct information about a protocol at the transport
layer of the OSI model? * UDP – Provides Connectionless datagrams service * TCP –
Provides Connection Oriented Services * SMTP – Provides Mail Exchange * IP – Route
determination * TCP – Provides Flow Control and Error Checking * FTP – Transfers of
Which of the following are logged when IP access list logging is enabled? * source
address * protocol * source port * destination address * access list number *
destination port
What’s the meaning of ARP in TCP/IP?
What is the test methodology for testing BO Universes?
Give 4 examples which belongs application layer in TCP/IP architecture?
How to swap two variables, without using third variable ?
1. Find perimeter of a trapezium with 3 sides given and distance between parallel
sides given.
2. A triangle ABC is given, a line DE is paralel to base side and that cuts the triangle.
The ratio of area of triangle to the area of trapezium .given DE/BC=3/5.
3. Four concentric circles are given. The radius of 1st circle is is 2x,then 3x
and 4x. given that area b/w 2nd and 1st is A and 4th and 3rd circles being B.find
ratio of A to B
4. What is the Difference between the perimeteres of two concentric circles is 66.
Find the difference between radius
answer 10.5
5. 3/p=6,3/q=15. Find p-q
Cisco Technical questions
6. #define clrscr() 100

7. which of the followin is used for avoiding network congestion
all of de above

8. main()
int a;
wats o/p of this pgm. What will b printed
ans :0
9. main()
} wat will b printed.
10. main()

unsigned short a=-1;
unsigned char b=a;
printf(?%d %d ?,a,b);
wat is o/p of the program
a. 65535 -1
b. 65535 65535
c. -1 -1
11. arrays base address is 1000?.array is a[5][4]..then wat is de
correct address of a[4][3]?
12. one packet is of pkts send is 16000..then total no of bytes send is
ans 1024000
13. #define maxval 5 (programming / computer science engineering technical
int main (void)
int i=1;

find o/p???
14. #define a 3+3
#define b 11-3
wat is o/p?????
15. A question in which segment address is given. logical address is 800. Base
addresses also given. You have 2 find physical address
16. There was a question on processor speed in nanocycles. Then it performs a
instruction in x cycles. like this..
Why there is no recursion in Fortran?
ANS: There is no dynamic allocation
What is the worst case complexity of Quick sort?
ANS: O(n^2)
Quick sort uses…………..
Ans: Divide and conquer
In a sequential search, the time it takes to search through n elements is
What is the size of the array declared as double * X[5]
ANS: 5* sizeof (double *)

A binary search tree is given and asked to write the preorder traversal result.
If size of the physical memory is 2^32-1, then the size of virtual memory……
S-> A0B
A-> BB|0
B-> AA|1 How many strings of length 5 are possible with the above
(3*4096+15*256+3*16+3). How many 1’s are there in the binary
representation of the result.
ANS: 10
In memory mapped I/O how I/O is accessed………….
ANS: Just like a memory location (Means, I/O devices can be accessed using the
instructions like mov A,M etc…)
What is the use of ALE in 8085…….
ANS: To latch the lower byte of the address.

If the logical memory of 8 X 1024 is mapped into 32 frames, then the number of
bits for the logical address ……
ANS: 13
Context free grammar is useful for…
ANS: If-then structures.
In ternary number representation, numbers are represented as 0,1,-1. Here -1 is
represented as – (1 bar). Then how is 352/9 represented……
There are processors which take 4,1,8,1 machine cycles respectively. If these
are executed in round robin fashion with a time quantum of 4, what is the time it
take for process 4 to complete….
ANS: 9
The minimum frequency of operation is specified for every processor
In memory mapped I/O, what will happen if a device is identified with a 16 bit
address and enabled by memory related control signals…..

The reason for preferring CMOS over NMOS is….
Ans: Low power consumption.
Two binary numbers A,B are given and asked to find out A-B.
Each character is represented by 7 bits, 1 bit is used to represent error bit and
another bit for parity. If total number of bits transmitted is 1200bits, then number of
symbols that can be transmitted…….
One question about the setassociativity of cache..
Write the postfix form of the following expression…
What is the function of the linker……
void f(int y)
struct s *ptr;
ptr = malloc (sizeof (struct)+ 99*sizeof(int));
struct s{
int i;
float p;
when free(ptr) is executed, then what will happen??

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