1.machine tool drives are generally given in:
a) arithmetic progression b)geometric progression
c) harmonic progression d)none of the above
2.finite element analysis is used in
a) accurate measurement b)stress analysis
c)metallurgy d)none of the above
3.coolant is generally not used while machining
a) low carbon steel b)high carbon steel
c) cast iron d)alloy steel
4.Machinability of steel is improved by the presence of
a)nickel b)tungsten
c)sulphur d)chromium
5.negative rake angle
a)increases cutting force b)decreases cutting force
c)no effect on cutting force d)none of the above

6.the hardest tool material used is
a)coated carbide b)high speed steel
c)boron nitride d)diamond
7.stick slip phenomenon is associated with
a)spindle rotation b)belt drives
c)slide movement d)none of the above
8.Gear hobbing is
a)shaping process b)generating process
c)forming process
9.cutting speed of H.S.S tools while cutting low carbon steel
a)40m/min b)250m/min
c)500m/min d)none
10.cutting speed of carbide tools while cutting low carbon steel
a)40m/min b)250m/min

c)500m/min d)80m/min
11.straightness that can be achieved over a length of 300mm by grinding
a).005 -.01mm b)0.1-0.2mm
c)0.05-0.1mm d)0.5-0.8mm
12.the circularity that can be achieved by finish turning on a standard centre lathe is
a)0.005-0.008mm b)0.0-0.08mm
c)0.1-0.2mm d)0.2-0.3mm
13.honing can correct
a)oviality b)taper
c)straightness of bore d)axial curvature
14.Machine tool sliding surfaces are finish matched by
a)surface grinding b)fine milling
c)slide way grinding d)scraping
15.Close sliding fit is given by
a)H7/g6 b)H7/h6
c)H9/p6 d)H7/k6
16.60H6 can be achieved by
a)turning b)boring
c)drilling d)internal grinding
17.The displacement accuracy which can be achieved on a jig boring machine
a)5/8m b)50/8m c)100/8m
18.Hardness value in cast iron can be measured in
a)shore b)BHN c)Rockwell d)none
19.Auto collimator is used to measure
a)dia upto 0.001mm b)lengths
c)straightness d)Involute error
20.Surface finish is measured by
a)comparator b)planograph
c)sprit level d)none
21.The outside diameter of a 20 teeth 3 module gear is
a)54 b)60 c)63 d)70
22.Herring bone gear is used for
a)High speed transmission b)noise free transmission
c)Better load transmission d)none
23.In a right angle transmission by helical gears, the hand of the helix of the gears
a)same b)opposite c)Immaterial d)none
24.Worm drive is always self-locking
a)True b)false
25.Most hydrostatic bearings normally work under
a)constant flow system b)constant pressure system
c)constant temperature system d)constant volume system
26.Ball bearings are not generally used in crank shafts of automobiles because
a)of high cost b)of high speed c)cannot be assembled d)none
27.Bronze is used in journal bearings essential to
a)reduce friction b)reduce heat
c)eliminate oxidization d)eliminate seizing
28.The spindle of high precision cylindrical grinder is mounted on
a)Ball bearing b)Taper roller bearing
c)Hydrostatic bronze bearing d)needle bearing
29.To accelerate the flow of gases
a)nozzle is used b)diffuser is used
c)dia of pipe to increased d)none of these will help
30.Hydraulic accumulator
a)acts as an accumulator b)acts as a storage for hydraulic energy
c)acts as a pressure relief d)none
31.When ice which is floating in water, melts, does the level to water
a)go up b)go down c)remain the same.
32.Hammer blow in pipe happens due to
a)friction in pipes b)change in temperature
c)stoppage of flow d)none
33.Temperature rise in fluid flow causes
a)reduction in viscosity b)increase in viscosity c)no effect
34.Ratio between velocity of sound and velocity of any object is
a)prandtl number b)Reynolds number
c)avagadro’s number d)mach number
35.Cavitaion effect in flow occurs due to
a)excess pressure b)excess temperature
c)excess flow d)none
36.In electrical locomotives ultimate transmission is by
a)AC Motor b)DC Shunt Motor
c)DC Series Motor d)Synchronous motor
37.Four beams of identical sections and lengths are made of cast iron,
aluminium,steel and hardened steel. The beams are fixed at both ends; for a
uniformly distributed load which will deflect least
a)cast iron b)aluminium c)steel d)hardened steel
38 . Geneva mechanism is used for obtaining
a)Intermittent motion b)accelerating motion
c)continuous motion d)none
39.Corioles component is associated with
a)Displacement b)acceleration
c)velocity d)none
40.Effect of increase of outside diameter of a helical compression spring on its
rigidity is
a)increased rigidity b)decreased rigidity
c)no effect d)dry friction
41.Jominey curve is related to the study of
a)hydraulics b)thermodynamics
c)electrical d)none
42.TTT diagram is used in
a)surface finish b)heat treatment
c)stress analysis d)thermodynamics
43.Mehanite is the name given to a type of
a)alloy steel b)granite
c)nodular cast iron d)cast iron
44.Unwanted impurity in molten aluminium is
a)oxygen b)carbon dioxide
c)nitrogen d)hydrogen
45.Hardness in steel is a s a result of
a)martensitic structure b)pearlitic structure
c)leduburetic structure d)austenitic structure
46.piston of an IC engine is made out of
a)cast iron b)steel casting c)beryllium alloy d)aluminium alloy
47. The crank shaft of a 300 HP IC engine is
a)hot forged b)shell moulded
c)cold forged d)obtained through investment casting
48. A 6kg ball is suspended from two wires of equal length. The angle between the
wires is 90 degrees. What is the tension in each wire?
49. A 523 kg experimental rocked sted can be accelerated from rest to 1602 km/h in
1.82s. what net force is required?

50. A force that averages 984N is applied to a 0.42kg steel ball moving at 13.8 m/s
by a collision that lasts 0.027s. if the force is in a direction opposite to the initial
velocity of the ball, what is the final speed of the ball?
51. a stone initially at rest is dropped over the edge of a very tall building. Taking g
as 10m/s2 , what was the change in the speed of the stone building during the 4th
52. how long will it take a 2000w motor to lift a 320kg container vertically upwards
for 26m?(g = 9.8m/s2)
53. a collision between two isolated items will in generally conserve
a. the total kinetic energy and the total momentum of the system
b. the total kinetic energy but not the total momentum of the system
c. the total momentum but not the total kinetic energy of the system
d. the momentum of each object
what is the force exerted on a submarine window of 2m2 area, if the submarine is at
a depth of 2km below the surface?(the density of sea water is 1.03X103 kg/m3)
54. How many of the following statements are true:
a. the buoyant force on a body depends on the shape of the body
b. the buoyant force on a body always acts in the same direction
c. the buoyant force on a body depends on the mass of the body
d. the buoyant force on a body depends on the density of the fluid surrounding the
55. A body partially floats with 2/3rds of its volume under the surface of a fluid. If
the density of the fluid is X kg/m3, what is the density of the body?
a)3/2 X kg/m3 b)2/3 X kg/m3
c)14.7 X kg/m3 d)0.15 X kg/m3
56. how many atoms are present in a mole of CH4 ?
(avagadro’s number = 6.023X1023 /mole)
a) 1.2X1024
b) 3.01X1024
c) 1.2X1023
d) 6.023X1023
57. A power station generates 500MW of power and exhausts 800MW as waste heat
into the environment. What is the efficiency of the power station?
a) 61.5%
b) 38.5%
c) 62.5%
d) 23%

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