HP Placement Question Paper 2017

HP Placement Question Paper 2017.

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How to make protected field in BMS invisible through application program?

give journal entry for salary paid in company point of view?

when does transistor has power dissipation

What is RFC. why will use RFC.

what is a reconcilation statement

Explain the working principle of Vacuum circuit breaker and Air circuit breaker
how to control the generator output voltage? what r the condition should satisfy for

what is ECC in current version of sap r/3 ECC6.0. what is full form of ECC6.0?

how to find out the how many disks attached in the server?

what is the difference between ssh & telnet

what is the function of commutator in dc motor?

how many run level in solaris?

how to stop the process using process name

what are the differences between CUI and GUI interfaces?

how to recover root passwd ?

solaris kernel name

Troubleshoot to the device level basic process control systems given the Process and
Instrumentation Diagram?

To sorting array of 10 elements which sorting is best a)selection b)bubble c)tree sort
What isthe difference between a ‘thread’ and a ‘process’?

Write the Syntax for Cursors.

Describe about first three Normal forms.

What are indexes? When do you need to create Indexes?

how to handle out of memory in weblogic? and if server is getting more requests
then what we have to do in production environment?

In which situation you use Self joins?

What is the difference between cross join and Full outer join?

what is the z-transaction?? what’s the use of it??

What is the diff b/w load of program and Initailazatio Events? Which event triggers

each time we exectute the program?

How to make protected field in BMS invisible through application program?

IN Smart Form how many windows are there explain them each? Upto how many
main windows we can place in Smartform?

I have 2 transactions,the output of 1st transaction is input of 2nd transaction.In this
senario…Which method we use to upload the Data,Call trans or Session

What is the entry for deprecation?

where do you consider salary in an income statement? whether it is to be taken
before gross profit or after net profit? answer with reasons.

1.Intel’s first processor is
1)——2)4004 3) 80804)8086

2) Founder of Microsoft corporation
1) Bill Gates 2) Billgates and ——–

3)Bill gates and Paul Allen4) Billgates and ——-

3)Oddman out
1)Internet Explorer 2) Alt Vista3) Netscape Navigator 4)Opera

4)Which of the following is not a database
1)PLSQL2)MSSQL 3)MySQL4)Informix

5)Laura C— (I don’t remember exact spelling ) is CEO of
1)Oracle 2)DELL 3) Hp4)Intel

Ans) She is CEO of HP

6)’SUN’ Microsystems SUN stands for
1)Simple Unified Network2)Solaris Unified Network3)————-
4) None of the above.

1) IRC stands for ans) Internet Relay chat
2)ICQ stands for ans)——————–

3)The protocol used to translate Internet address to Network addressis


4)In some OS the option that the system provides to communicate with other
process is
1)IPC(Inter Process Communication)2)—-3)—–4)—–

5)VPN stands for ans) Virtual private network.

6)The time taken to transfer data from one place to other place or process within
specified time is

1)Throughput2)Latency time 3)Response time 4)———-

7)The time complexity for which of the following is O(n log n)
1) Radix sort 2)Quick sort3)Shell sort 4) Bubblesort.

8)Which of the following is used pass the packets between networks
1)Which of the following can be used to print % to the screen
1) printf(“%”);2)printf(“\%”); 3)—– 4)——
2)how many times the loop is executed

int i=3;
1) 3 2)Infinite 3)0 4)2

3) what is the output
int 1=10;
printf(“%d %d %d “,i,++i,i++);
1) 10 11 11 2)11 11 10 3) 10 11 10 4) None of the above

printf(“%d %d %d”,x,y,z);
1)———– 2)——- 3)——— 4)———

5)In c++,
3)you cannot Overload new operator for a class

6) Void xyz(char a[10])
int i;
1)10 2)can’t say 3) 2 4)same as size of pointer.

7) Local Variables is stored in which part of the memory
1) register or heap 2)heap 3)register or stack 4)—–

8) which of the following can be shared by progams
1)Text Code
2)Data segment
3)heap memory

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