iSoft Placement Question Paper 2017

iSoft Placement Question Paper 2017.

What is Deep Structure Testing?
What is the difference between subnet mask and default subnet mask
How to kill more than one session variables at a time you know all test cases are cover in one application? 2.what is difference
between error message and warning message ? 3.what are the items comes under
traceabily materix?
what is maximum size of temp db?
What is the Test Case?What is the Testing?
hi what is difference between sdlc and stlc.
Will a tester get involved in preparing Metrics?If yes,what will they do & how?
What should be done after writing test cases?
difference between sainty and smoke testing?
difference between writing connection string in web.config through connection string
and appsettings

iSoft Placement Question Paper 2017

what is Repeater Control, When it is used,How it is used, what type of template is
used for repeater control?
Mapping the test cases with the requirement. What is this process called?
write the query for find the top 2 highest salary in sql server
how to get the vb6.0 COM Component in to the .Net application?
Whether SQL knowledge is Mandatory of Software Testing or not? Briefly Explain?
what is the requirement that .Net web services can access the java application?
When we can declare a column as Unique and Not Null both at the same time. What
is the use pf Primary Key then?
What is the difference bitween Client/Server Applications and Web Applicaions?

2.e(int n)
…(not clear)
3.which has no problem with pointers

int *f1()
int n;
return (n)
int *f2()
int *p;
return p;
int *f3()

int *p;
return p;
ans:no error
4.header file ->contains declarations.
5.sizeof operator is executed during compile time..
are these two same?
not same.

7.func(int i)
static int count;
ans:1+2+3…(counts values does not go after funtion call‘a'<‘b’) true
9.short int=16 bits
10..4 stmt. float i; num[3];
ans:first stmt deals with size

second deals with element
for(int i=0;i<5;i++)
output of j.
13.char s1[20]=”hello world”;

printf(“%%.%…(not clear)”,s1);
ans:bad format specifier
14.brace { used in c for what ans:convention
15.parameters in c passed by ans:value.
16.when an array is passed it is by ans:pointer.
17.scanf can read ans:any data type
18.which cant be passed to subroutine.ans:preprocessor directive. get string of words..ans:gets()
20.external variables can be accesed ans:in functions which use them.


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