Microprocessor Technical Question Answer 2016

Microprocessor Technical Question Answer 2016.

1. Discuss the general functions of all general-purpose resisters of 8086? Explain
the special function of each resister and instruction support for these functions.
2. (a) Give the assembly language implementation of the following. i. REPEAT –
UNTIL ii. FOR [4+4] (b) Using DF ?ag and string instructions, write an assembly
language program to move a block of data of length ?N? from source to destination.
Assume all possible conditions. [8]
3. (a) Discuss the system bus cycle of 8086 with a neat diagram? What is the use
of wait cycles? Compare wait and idle cycles? (b) Design an I/O port decoder that
generate the following low-bank I/O strobes: 00FEH, 00C8H, 00DEH, 00EEH. [8+8]

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