Wipro Placement Question Paper 2017

Wipro Placement Question Paper 2017.

1) abcD+abcd+aBCd+aBCD

then the simplified function is

( Capital letters are copliments of corresponding letters

A=compliment of a)

[a] a [b] ab [c] abc [d] a(bc)* [e] mone

(bc)*=compliment of bc

Ans: e


2) A 12 address lines maps to the memory of

[a] 1k bytes [b] 0.5k bytes [c] 2k bytes [d] none

Ans: b


3) In a processor these are 120 instructions . Bits needed to impliment

this instructions

[a] 6 [b] 7 [c] 10 [d] none

Ans: b


4) In 8085 microprocessor READY signal does.which of the following

is incorrect statements

[a]It is input to the microprocessor

[b] It sequences the instructions

Ans : b


5) Return address will be returned by function to

[a] Pushes to the stack by call

Ans : a






result=temp*10+ result;



Ans : 3267


7) If A>B then


else B>C then


in this , for 75% times A>B and 25% times B>C then,is 10000 instructions

are there ,then the ratio of F to G

[a] 7500:2500 [b] 7500:625 [c] 7500:625 if a=b=c else



8) In a compiler there is 36 bit for a word and to store a character 8bits are

needed. IN this to store

a character two words are appended .Then for storing a K characters string,

How many words are needed.

[a] 2k/9 [b] (2k+8)/9 [c] (k+8)/9 [d] 2*(k+8)/9 [e] none

Ans: a


9) C program code

int zap(int n)


if(n<=1)then zap=1;

else zap=zap(n-3)+zap(n-1);


then the call zap(6) gives the values of zap

[a] 8 [b] 9 [c] 6 [d] 12 [e] 15

Ans: b


10) Virtual memory size depends on

[a] address lines [b] data bus

[c] disc space [d] a & c [e] none

Ans : a


11) Critical section is


[b] statements which are accessing shared resourses

Ans : b


12) load a

mul a

store t1

load b

mul b

store t2

mul t2

add t1

then the content in accumulator is

Ans : a**2+b**4

Q13 – Q15. Four questions given on the below data

X,Yand Z are senior engineers. A,B,C,D are junior engineers. Company wants to

select 4 enginers. Two will be senior and two will be juniors. The company wants

these engineers to work in the most productive way so they respect each person’s


Y is not friends with A

Z is not friends with C

B is not friends with A

If B is selected then who will be the remaining 4 members ?

If C is selected, Z and ___ cannot be selected?

D is always selected if ___ is selected?

Q14. A speaks truth 70% of the times, B speaks truth 80% of the times.

What is the probability that both are contradicting each other is ?

Q15. ?((2x-3)/((x2 +x+1)2 )dx is ?

Q16. Ram starts from A walking 2 km North and turns right and walks 4 km and

turns right again and walks 4 km and turns right again and walks 4 km and meets

Radha at Bwalking in the opposite direction to Ram .

a) Which direction does Ram walk after the first turn?

b) Distance between A and B

Q17. If the equation x2 – 3x + a = 0 has the roots (0,1) then value of a is ?

Q18. A and B’s temperature are 10?c and 20?c having same surface , then their ratio

of rate of emmisions is ?

Q19. An atomic particle exists and has a particlular decay rate . It is in a train .

When the train moves, a person observes for whether the decay rate

(a) increases

(b) decreases

(c) depend on the directions of movement of train

Q20. Which of the following exchanges positive ions


(b) nh2-

(c) ch2

Ans. (b)

Q21. After execution of CMP, a instruction in Intel 8085 microprocessor

(a) ZF is set and CY is reset.

(b) ZF is set CY is unchanged

(c) ZF is reset, CY is set

(d) ZF is reset , CY is unchanged .

Ans. ZF is set and CY is reset

Q22. The best tool for editing a graphic image is ?

Q23. Network scheme defines

a.)one to one

b.) many to many

c.) one to ,many ?

Q24. A person wants to measures the length of a rod.First he measures with

standing ideally then he maeasures bymoving parrel to the rod

(a)the length will decrease in second case

(b)length will be same

(c) length will increse in the second case.

Q25. One U-230 nucleus is placed in a train moving by velocity emiting alpha rays

.When the train is at rest the

distance between nucleus and alpha particle is x . One passenger is observing the

particle . When the train is moving

what is the distance between particle and nucleus ?

(a) x

(b) x + vt

(c) x – vt

Q26. What is the resulting solution when benzene and toluene are mixed ?

Q27. If the word FADENCOMT equals 345687921 then

What is FEAT

Find representation of 2998

Q28. Given 10 alphabets out of which 5 are to be chosen. How many words can be

made with atleast one repetition.

Q29. Arrange by acidic values : phenol, nitrotolouene and o-cresol?

Q30. Find sum of 3 + 5/(1+22) + 7/(1 + 22 + 32) + ……

Ans. 3n/(1 + n)

The following are few sample questions that maybe asked in the software paper.We

haven’t been able to give the values in certain problems ; only the type of questions

have been mentioned.

Q31. What sorting algos have their best and worst case times equal ?

Ans. O(nlogn) for mergesort and heap sort

Q32. What page replacement algo . has minimumn number of page faults ?

Ans. Optimality algorithm

Q33. What is the use of virtual base class in c++

Ans. Multiple lines between derived classes.

Q34. Find the eccentricity of a given node in a directed graph

Q35. Convert the infix to postfix for A-(B+C)*(D/E)

Ans. ABC+DE/*-

Q36. What is swapping

Q37. Assignment operator targets to

Ans. l-value

Q38. A byte addressable computer has memory capacity of 2 power m Kbytes and

can perform 2 power n operations an instruction involving three operands and one operator needs maximum of —bits

Ans. 3m + n

Q39. In round robin scheduling, if time quatum is too large then it degenerates to


Q40. What is network schema?

Q41. Packet Burst is ______

Q42. Picard’s method uses _______?

Ans. Successive Differentiation.

Q43. If the letters of the word “rachit” are arranged in all possible ways and these

words are written

out as in a dictionary, what is the rank of the word “rachit”.

(a) 485

(b) 480

(c) 478

(d) 481

Ans. (d)

Q44. Ravi’s salary was reduced by 25%.Percentage increase to be effected to bring

the salary

to the original level is

(a) 20%

(b) 25%

(c) 33 1/3%

(d) 30%

Ans. (c)

Q45. A and B can finish a piece of work in 20 days .B and C in 30 days and C and A

in 40 days.

In how many days will A alone finish the job

(a) 48

(b) 34 2/7

(c) 44

(d) 45

Ans. (a)

Q46. How long will a train 100m long travelling at 72kmph take to overtake another


200m long travelling at 54kmph

(a) 70sec

(b) 1min

(c) 1 min 15 sec

(d) 55 sec

Ans. (b)

Q47. What is the product of the irrational roots of the equation (2x-1)(2x-3)(2x-


(a) 3/2

(b) 4

(c) 3

(d) 3/4

Ans. (a)


? All toffees are chocolates

? Some toffees are not good for health

(a) Some chocolates are not good for health

(b) Some toffees are good for health

(c) No toffees are good for health

(d) Both (a) and (b)

Ans. (a)

The questions 40-46 are based on the following pattern.The problems below contain

a question and two statements giving certain data. You have to decide whether the

data given in the statements are sufficient for answering the questions.The correct

answer is

(A) If statement (I) alone is sufficient but statement (II) alone is not sufficient.

(B) If statement(II) alone is sufficient but statement(I) alone is not sufficient.

(C) If both statements together are sufficient but neither of statements alone is


(D) If both together are not sufficient.

(E) If statements (I) and (II) are not sufficient

Q49. What is the volume of a cubical box in cubic centimetres?

(I) One face of the box has an area of 49 sq.cms.

(II) The longest diagonal of the box is 20 cms.

Ans. D

Q50. Is z positive?

(I) y+z is positive

(II) y-z is positive

Ans. E

Q51. Is x>y ? x, y are real numbers?

(I) 8x = 6y

(II) x = y + 4

Ans. B

Q52. If a ground is rectangular, what is its width?

(I) The ratio of its length to its breadth is 7:2

(II) Perimeter of the playground is 396 mts.

Ans. C

Q53. If the present age of my father is 39 yrs and my present age is x yrs, what is


(I) Next year my mother will be four times as old as i would be.

(II) My brother is 2 years older than I and my father is 4 years older than my


Ans. C

Q54. How many brothers and sisters are there in the family of seven children?

(I) Each boy in the family has as many sisters as brothers

(II) Each of the girl in the family has twice as many brothers as sisters

Ans. D

Q55. x is not equal to 0, is x + y = 0?

(I) x is the reciprocal of y

(II) x is not equal to 1

Ans. A

Following questions are based on letter’s analogy.First pair of letters should

have the same relationship as the second pair of letters or vice versa.

Q56. ? : BGLQ : : YDIN : VAFK

(a) EKNS

(b) DKMT

(c) DLMS

(d) EJOT

Ans. (d)

Q57. NLO : RPS : : ? : ZXA

(a) VUW

(b) VTR

(c) VTW

(d) TRP

Ans. (c)

Q58. If “segment” is coded as rffndou, then “ritual” is coded as

(a) shutbm

(b) qjutbk

(c) qhutbk

(d) qhubtk

Ans. (c)

Q59. If “football” is “cricket” ,”cricket” is “basketball” ,”basketball” is

“volleyball”,”volleyball” is “khokho” and “khokho” is cricket, which is not a ball game?

(a) cricket

(b) football

(c) khokho

(d) basketball

Ans. (a)

Q60. Which of the following is a recursive set of production

(a) S –a|A, A –S

(b) S –a|A, A –b

(c) S –>aA, A–>S

(d) None of these

Ans. (c)

1.distance D=rt where r & t are +ve and r is constant,as t increses then


ans:D increses irrespective of r & t

2.E=I*I*R what is the effect of E when I becomes I/2

ans:1/4E(E decreses by 4 times)

3.out of 55 eggs 5 are defective. what is % of defective eggs


4.salary is ‘s’ per month,’x’% of salary is given as bonus, if 3 months

salary is s1,s2 & s3 then what is his salary.

ans:s1*x/100 + s2*x/100 + s3*x/100

5.consider expresion ‘ab’ . what happens when ‘a’ is divided by ‘c’ &

‘b’ is

multiplied by ‘c’.

ans:value remains same.

6.area of triangle=1/2*b*h base incresed by 4 times & height is devided


2, the net effect of area.

ans:twice the the original area.

7.in base representation for a rupee 100 paise,then base 8


what is rupee value .


8.A>B,B>C,C=D,D>E,then which is greatest

a)A/B b) A/C c) A/E d)none

ans: c

9.to travel ‘m’ miles the time is ‘h’ hours,then what is the time taken


travel M miles.


10.a sum ‘s’ is divided into 4 parts.second person gets Rs 10 more than

first.3rd person is Rs 10 more than second, 4th is 10 more than 3rd.

how much amount do 1st person get.


11.fridge cost R Rs,cover value is 5,discount d% then its new cost


12.1/8 is divided by ‘s’ , if ‘s’ is incresed by 2 times, what is the


ans:increses two times.

section 2. letter series


1. a c b d f e g i __ ans: h

2. x y z u v w r s t __ ans: Q

3. a c f j o __ ans:u

section 3. numerical ability

1. 10099+99=10198

2. 31 – 29+2/33=__ ans:64/33

3. 2.904+0.0006=___ ans: 2.9046

4. 55/1000=___ ans:.005

5. 0.799*0.254= 0.202946

6. 200/7*5.04=144

7. 842.8 +602=1444.8

8. 5.72% of 418= 23.9096

9. 625% of 7.71=48.1875

10. 25% of 592=148.00

11. 665+22.9=687.9

12. 15% of 86.04=12.906

section 4 : DIAGRAMMING


each flowchart contains 5 questions .

in each flow chart,there will be 5 numbered(1,2,3,4&5)

boxes(cells).each cell we have to fill with the conditions given below.

1. 400 employee(not complete question)

different categories based on age,salary,lenth of expereince in years


cell 1-c,cell2-a,cell3-b,cell4-e,cell5-d.

2. 10 balls,red,black balls.

2 points for red balls etc.. 3 points for a ball

if it is of the same colour as preceeding one..


cell 1-c,cell 3-d,cell 5-d,cell 2-e,cell 4-e.


30 coins. these are divided into 3 groups:A,B,C to find

the only largest weight coin,other 29 coins are of lower weight.


D A C A C.

4. totally there are 100 numbers to find largest(LNUM).smallest(SNUM).


A _ D _ _ _


feed problem to adjust temperature and pressure for

optimal production.

(answer not known exactly.).

5.bag red,black balls,different condition

odd,red etc