CEED Model Papers Free Download pdf for 2019 exam

CEED Model Papers Free Download pdf for 2019 exam.

1.) Sketch a loaf of bread with some portion cut and a knife
in a plate.

2.) Draw the process of framing a painting in a frame in less
than 7 steps. You are provided by the diagrams of the
contents viz. frame, white mounting board, painting, glass,
and back support.

3.) Draw an exploded and sectional view of any one
a.) sharpener (3d Image provided)
b.) injection (3d image provided)
c.)Nail cutter (3d Image Provided)

4.) You are provided with a set of words. Write a nonsensical
story and draw it in a form of storyboard. Words are (sheep,
man, tree, sun, ram, eagle and crow)

5.) There was one passage and some fill in the words which
were simple………….that was ceed 2008……….

6.) Suppose you are a Bird. Design your nest.

7.) Draw 10 different uses of an Egg (the shape ).You can
take any size, cut it and also change the material of the egg.

8.) Write the word “Design” on a sphere in the opposite

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