WB SSC Computer Application Question Papers V 2016

WB SSC Computer Application Question Papers V 2016.

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a) Define ADT? What are its advantages?
b) What is the difference between linklist and array?
c) What is the difference between graph and tree?
d) What is the complexity of an algorithm?
e) What is deque? List its different types?
f) What are the applications of stack?
g) Define: (i) almost complete binary tree (ii) strictly binary tree?
h) A complete binary tree contains 15 nodes. Calculate the depth of the
i) What are AVL trees? What are its advantages?
j) Write the complexities of (i) Heap sort (ii) Quick sort (iii) Merge sort
k) Differentiate between depth first search and breadth first search?
l) Define: (i) Minimum spanning tree (ii) Forest
m) What is Bubble sort technique?
n) What are the applications of graph?
o) What are the limitations of binary tree?
a) What is DBA?
b) What do you mean by DBMS utility? Give any two.
c) What is ISA relationship in E-R model?
d) How distributed database is different from distributed processing?
e) Which data model give the concept of data independence? Explain.
f) What is tuple?
g) What do you mean by cardinality of a relation?
h) Can Foreign key itself be NULL? Justify.
i) What is entity integrity?
j) Give an example of relation which is in 3NF but not in BCNF.
k) Which is fastest way to retrieve data from two different tables – Join or
simple subquery? Explain.
l) Explain compute command of Oracle.
m) Which algorithm is used for concurrency control in Oracle?
n) Give any two sql * plus commands of Oracle.
o) How commit is different from rollback?


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