igate interview Question Papers with answers 2016

igate interview Question Papers with answers 2016.

igate interview Question Papers with answers 2016 pdf Previous Question Papers of igate interview Solved

Paper : iGate Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern

I appeared in a iGATE placement recruitment drive held in our college “Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad, Banjarahills” 2008. I am very happy that I finally got placement after some (Infosys, Accenture, Oracle, Maq) rejections. So all of u who are feeling dishearted cheerup.. because it is all matter of luck… every one would get a chance.. this is my 5th company..

Finally selected 27 and I am in those selected students.. Thanks to God.. The selection procedure consists of 4 Rounds.
1) Written Test (English20+Reasoning15+Quant15)duration–1hour…
2) Technical Interview
3) Technical Interview
4) HR Interview

1) Written Exam English (20q):
(1 to 5 Q)—-Comprehension…Very Very easy…everybody will get 5 out 5. 1st read the question and then check for this in paragraphs..

(6 to 8Q)—-Fill in the Blanks(prepositions**a,an,the) I suggest these books friends to clear 6to 8q and 14 to 16q …. Essential English Grammar by Cambridge University Press(Raymond Murphy)**Orange Color Book..and Lonman dictionary of Common Errors by pearson education.(ND turton, jb heaton)**Blue Color Book…if u have any cat book (ims or CareerForum (i studied)…)…read from that..ok.
(9 to 11Q)—Antonyms (difficult)
(12 to 13Q)—Synonyms (difficult)… But already who ever practiced theGre and Cat books can get the correct answers for antonyms and synonyms..(me also) (14 to 16Q)—sentence Correction(easy)..
(17 to 20Q)—Sequence Formation.(easy) 4 sentences will be given..u need to form sequence(ABCD,,,DCBA,,,CDBA..etc) Reasoning (15q): Rs agarwal reasoning
(21 to 23q)—Syllogisms(easy)
(24 to 27q)— puzzles
(28 to 30q)—classification of diagrams(odd)
(31 to 35q)—Concentration questions Quant(15q)RS agarwal quant
36 to 37q—time and distance 38 to 39q—profit and loss
40 to 41q—time and work
42 t043q —age problems
44 to 45q—mixture and allegations
46 to 47q—Simple interest and compund interest
48 to 49q—shares 50q–simple caculation

2) Technical Interview-
dinesh: May i come in Sir??
sir: pls come in
sir:pls be seated
dinesh: i kept my file on the floor(do not keep on the table till ask ur file)
sir:Tell me about ur self?
dinesh: said. (Please fill the company application form properly..and u need to remember everything)
sir: What do u do apart from ur academics when u r free?
dinesh:said that i used to teach maths in tutions…and taught hindi, english for 10 th class students…
sir: ok,,good..what is the value of ln64??
dinesh: 6 sir….(he gave this problem beacuse of my above answer)
sir: How c program will be executed??
dinesh: explained using example..
sir: tell me some dbms packages??
dinesh: oracle 9i, oracle 10g
sir: what else??
dinesh:oracle 8i and recently oracle 11g also sir..
sir: apart from oracle??
dinesh: sorry sir, i do not ahave any idea
sir: firfox,dd…etc. dinesh :ok sir
sir:difference between compiler and iterpreter?
sir:what are the operations in stack and queue?
sir:where we use double linked list concept?
dinesh:binary search tree..i explained it
sir:well..what is preprocessor?
sir: tell me some header file?
dinesh: stdio.h, string.h, conio.h
sir:what else?
dinesh:maths.h(but i pronounced it as mass) so,sir asked me to write it on paper….
dinesh:i wrote it as math.h
sir: ok..sir laughed at me..
dinesh: i too laughed..
sir:give difference between graphs and spanning tree?
sir:what are the operations in stack and queue?
sir:explain the bredth first search tree using stacks?
dinesh:i explained
sir: what is rdbms?
sir:what is sql?
sir:what r the traversal techniques?
sir:explain the pointer with an example?
dinesh:said so..finally i got impressed by my answers..aand he as
sir: u answered most of my questions///well
dinesh:thank u sir i do not know. ..suddenly he started to ask hr questions…
sir:how much is the freshers salary in iGATE?
dinesh:i said ppt was not given..
sir:he laughed and asked to tell general salary in all comanies?
dinesh: I said 2.7 to 3 per year
sir:tell me your strenghts?
sir: when will u marry?
dinesh: i said that after 3 years//
sir:why after 3 years?? now u will get job?? u donot marry??
dinesh:no sir, I kept some goals for myself..then only…blaa.bla…
sir:ok..what is succes?
dinesh: i said related to (myself and family ,,, organization,,,,,society)
sir:how will u be helpful for organization and society?
sir: how much salary will u expect after 2 years? (he did not forget about salary…still asking)
dinesh: above 4.8 sir
sir: I need range …is that between 4.8 and 5 or above 4.8
dinesh: between 4.8 and 5
sir: which position u want after 4 years?
dinesh: said that team leader..
sir:ok.well…u r the only son..
dinesh:yes sir…(every interviewer asked this question …because i mentioned in application form as I do not have any siblings)
sir:ok..dinesh..please wait outside…
dinesh:thank u sir.. one boy came near to me and said that I got selected for second Technical round (it was around 6pm) ***due to power problem in College,, next 2 rounds were conducted in IGATE Office-Hyderabad (jublihills) on next day*** 3) 2nd Technical Round
sir: write algorithm by using single input and print numbers in the form of 198 or 561 dinesh : i explained it using i post increment procedure
sir: explain the forienkey using example?
sir: do this profit and loss problem??(from written test paper)
dinesh:it was lenghty…so i did not solve it..and i said that i used formula
sir:ok..diffrence between fprintf and fscanf?
sir:gave some query??and asked me to find some errors in that??
dinesh:i found only some errors..
sir:ok,, difference between C and C++?
sir: he read my resume and application form and asked that u r the only son??
dinesh:yes sir
sir:ok, please wait outside..
dinesh:thank u sir.. 4) HR Round
madam: good morning ..dinesh
dinesh:gd mrg madam
madam: tell me what have felt coming to company?
madam:tell me about urself??
madam:did u do any project??
dinesh:said that i will have it in 4thyear-2sem
madam:so on whichone will u do in your 4–2(i mean platform??)
dinesh: said java or dotnet
madam:ok.suppose i am client..i know dotnet..but i dont know java..how can u convince me to learn java ??
dinesh: said..but she said that she was not satisfied with my answer..
madam:what is ur eamcet rank??
dinesh:said..(she wrote it on my resume..because i did not mention it)
madam:do u have anyone working in igate??
dinesh: said (she already knows it.. because i mentioned it in resume)
madam:which relation do u with him?
madam:how long will u work for igate??
madam:how can u mark ur self on communication scale??
dinesh: i said 5.
madam: why have not u been selected in other companies before iGATE?
dinesh:in infosys(wt), accenture(wt, gd, tech, hr rejected…), maq (wt, gd round, tech rejected), oracle.(30%..cutoff was 35%)

madam:what is your aim??
madam:what will u become after 5 years??
madam:i will recruyit you for testing???will u do it ??
dinesh:said that ok..
madam:tell me about igate??
dinesh: said that mastech was renamed as iGATE…(50thtop black book)
madam:founded in 1980 or not??
madam:renamed in 2000??
dinesh:yes madam
madam: 50 th rank on book?? or board???
madam:we did not give the ppt due to power porblem..from where did u know all these??
madam:ok..suppose you been selected in google???which one will u prefer??
dinesh:like hometown…if i got job in vijayawada and hyderabad?? i prefer vij only
madam:ok, well…if it is after 6 years????
dinesh:igate..only madam..
dinesh:iam very comfortable with this company///
madam:what you think that will you be selected for igate or not???
dinesh:i said just ok…
madam:what are your subjects
dinesh:dbms, c, c++
madam:you did not learn anything outside?
dinesh:no madam..
madam:you r the only son….
dinesh:she is very friendly..so asked her that why madam in every i got same question???
madam:dinesh…only one means (…to know about ur interpersonal skills)
dinesh: beacuse of my lonelyness at home, i am friendly with everybody… madam I said that when i was studying 1oth class in bhashyam.. I had most of the friends from my 7th class and 8th class…in inter also..and now in hderabad (neighbours) but i said that i know only some juniors in my engineering college due to different community…
madam:ok.dinesh..well..do you have any questions??
dinesh: do i need to do any work madam ..before getting into iGATE ?
madam: she gave some suggestions and said about training for 3 months///
dinesh:ok ..
madam:dinesh ..we will send ur results to ur placement cell (college) by today evening or tomorrow..
dinesh:thank u madam..
madam:ok..thank you..dinesh

No of Rounds : Techincal Round-2
Location : Hyderabad


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