iGate Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern 2016

iGate Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern 2016.

Paper : iGate Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern

Company Name : iGATE
Type : Job Interview, Fresher
Hi friends. I am R.Rajesh Kumar from Chennai. Currently i am doing my M.C.A (5th Sem) in B.S.Abdur Rahman Crescent Engineering College, Chennai. I had my iGATE interview on today (10-6-2008). Only by pure GOD’S GRACE, i am very happy to tell that i got selected in iGATE among 29. I would like to share my interview experience with you all. The interview pattern consists of 5 rounds (dont worry!, all are very easy).

The first one is asusal “APPS”. The next “three rounds” were TECHNICAL. There is no GD (are u happy now!!). The final round is “HR”. So, totally 5 rounds. Let us discuss about one by one in detail now. ENGLISH & APTITUDE.

They changed the APPS Pattern in this year 2008. (i.e) before 15 Questions and cut-off is 10. But, now they increased it to 50 Questions.

Section A — 20 Questions
English Section B — 30 Questions

***** Regarding English ******
Passage(10), Articles(1), Prepostions (1), Tense (1), Sentence Arngmnt (2), CorrectIncorrect Sentence (2), Synonmys (2), Antonyms (2)

***** Regarding Apps ******
Pls study only the follwing topics throughly.
1. Problem on Ages
2. Average
4. Time & Work
5. Time & Distance
6. Profit & Loss
7. Train & Boats Study all or atleast 5 throughly. RS.AGARWAL is more than enough.

LOGICAL – Conclusions, Analogy, Figure finding, ———– Alphabets. (all are very very easy).

TECHNICAL 1 —————– Once you cleared the apps, they will call you for the Technical. In Crescent, out of 400 (including SSN) 80 cleared apps.

Technical consist of three rounds. Dont worry, they asks only the Basics. Pls be strong in DS,C and C++. Otherwise, its very difficult pa. Prepare an attractive RESUME. My kind advice is ” BE STRONG IN YOUR PROJECT!!!”. If u r having the project means, they will ask questions ONLY from project. For me. they asked,

1. Tell me about yourself (be strong in this Ques)
2. What is diff between C & C++.
3. What is Cal by van & Cal by ref.
4. Tell something abt JAVA. 5. OOPS concepts.
6. What is Distributed Systems.
7. Atlast he asked me to write “STRING REVERSE” program in C.

TECHNICAL – 2 —————— Asked only about my project. For my friend, they gave one simple puzzle to solve. Dont worry friends, its very very very very easy. Your COMMUNICATION SKILL is must.Once u came to HR, almost u placed. HR — The HR is a female for me. She is very friendly for me. I am really telling guys, if i saw her once again means surely i will fell in her leg.

She asked,
1. Apart from ur studies, what u will do at free time. (i said cooking)
2. Will u work for Night Shift.
3. Are u ready to sign the BOND. (2 yrs BOND)
4. Are u ready to work in any part of INDIA. Thats all, she said “You are Selected Rajesh Kumar !!!”. I flied in the air at that time. Chanceless Moment that was…… They announced the result by 10.00 pm. This 10th Jume 2008 is an unforgotable moment in my life. At last they gave a wonderful RED COLOR T-SHIRT for all containing the iGATE logo. SALARY – 2.71 Lacs/annum. Friends, u pls dont under estimate the salary.

My personal opinion is, it is very difficult to grow up in top companies like TCS, CTS, Infy or Wipro. It will take nearly “10 yrs” to became a Project Leader there. But, in the companies like iGATE, iFlex, Syntel or any other developing companies it is very easy to became the Leader. They will give promotions based on ur performance. So. try to place in the developing companies..

For your kind info, the iGATE has constructed their new developing center at CHOLINGANALLUR and they are yet to open.

Rounds :
– Techincal Round-1
– Aptitude Test
– Techincal Round-2
– Client/Manager Interview

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