KERALA PSC Account Assistant Question Papers with answers 2016

KERALA PSC Account Assistant Question Papers with answers 2016.

Free download pdf KERALA PSC Account Assistant Question Papers with answers 2016 pdf Old of KERALA PSC Account Assistant Solved

EXAM HELD ON 17-04-2010

1. Development bankers are also known as:
Financial institution

2. Drugs and cosmetic act came in to force on :
(b) 1955
(c) 1942
(d) 1960
Ans: (a) 1940

3. Agency for international standardization is known as :

4. The method of raising capital by a company through sale of shares or stock to the general public for the first time is :
Initial Public offer.

5. Which of the following is not the feature of lease financing?
(a) The lessee bears by the risk of obsolescence.
(b) The cost of repairs and maintenance are borne by the lessee.
(c) The lease cannot be cancelled.
(d)The Lease period is generally small.
Ans: The Lease period is generally small.

6. Which of the following is not the objective of Internal Check?
(a)Divisions of work among the staff.
(b)Errors and fraud are automatically discovered.
(c) Prevention of errors and frauds.
(d)Allow the staff to do any single work from beginning to end.
Ans: Allow the staff to do any single work from beginning to end.

7. Which of the following methods of inventory valuation results in higher valuation of inventory when there is a decreasing trend in prices?

8. Which of the following is not related to Commercial Audit?
(a)Private commercial concern
(b)Professional auditors
(c) Compulsory Audit
(d) Audit is done periodically after a fixed period.
Ans: (c) Compulsory Audit.

9. Regional Rural Bank has been established on the recommend of :
Narasimhan committee.

10. A Derivative is a:
Derivative contract.

11. Which accounting principle that assumes the concern will last for long time?
Going concern.

12. The highest national forum for economy planning in India is :
National Development Council

13. Who is the author of “Principle of Management”?
Oliver Sheldon.

14. The home of cotton is :

15. Work simplifications is objective of :
Job analysis.

16. SEBI was established in the year:

17. IRDA was established on the recommendation of :
R. N Malhotra Committee.

18. Price skimming means:
Fixing a price much higher than the cost of production.

19. Marginal cost price is adopted when?
The product is introduced in a new market.
20. Which is the oldest type of organisation?
(a) Line
(b)Line and Staff
Ans: (a) Line

21. Liners are the ships that move………. on definite routes touching fixed ports as per scheduled time:
(a) Passengers
(c) Both(a) and (b)
(d)None of these.
Ans:(c) Both(a) and (b)

22. The principle of esprit de corps is based on :
Union is strength.

23. Formal organization is created by:

24. Which of the following statement is false?
(a) Managers have authoritarian transactional style but leader have charismatic and transformational styles.
(b)Physiological needs are the most basic powerful and obvious of all human needs.
(c) Orientation training suitable for teaching skills that can be learnt in a relatively short time.
(d) “Power is supreme” is the main theme of X theory.
Ans: (c) Orientation training suitable for teaching skills that can be learnt in a relatively short time.

25. One of the important external sources of recruitment is :
Casual callers.

26. Which of the following is not the function of lower level management?
(a) Plan for a day or a week.
(b)Motivate employees
(c) Issue instructions at the site.
(d) Judges results.
Ans: Judges Results.

27. Small and medium enterprise is one which has investment in plant and machinery not exceeding:
Rs. 1 crore.

28. The instrument provided by the post office is generally:

29. Which of the following is not money market in instrument?
(a) Govt. bonds.
(b)Treasury bill.
(c)Certificate of deposits.
(d)Call money.
Ans: (a) Govt bonds.

30. Chain printer is a :
Line printer.

31. DML stands for:
Data Manipulation Language.

32. Liberalization means:
Opening the economy to the world market to attain international competitiveness.

33. National stock exchange was startup in the year:

34. Which of the following is not the feature of speculation?
(a) Speculation is made for a short period.
(b)Speculation involves high risk.
(c) The Main motive of speculation is to earn profit.
(d) Speculator uses his own funds.
Ans: (d) Speculator uses his own funds.

35. The main function of insurance is :
Providing certainty.

36. Uberrimaie Fidel means:
Ut most good faith.

37. Trade test are conducted to know:
The knowledge and skills of the trade.

38. Minimum wages are not generated in :
Merricks multiple plan.

39. Under co-partnership workers are offered:
Share of enterprise at reduced rates.

40. If a private company holds 25% of its paid-up capital of a public company, it will be?
Deemed to be public company.

41. Shares cannot be issued at a discount if :
It is a new company.

42. Buffer inventory means:
The inventory ensuring availability of materials at the time of uncertainty.

43. Statutory provident fund means:
A provident fund setup under the provisions of Provident fund act 1925.

44. Mathematically approach of management is associated with:

45. The first development bank established in India:

46. Which conference has given birth to International Monetary Fund?
Britton Woods conference.

47. When demand for a product is tied to the purchase of some parent product the demand is called:
Derived demand.

48. If a very small decrease in price leads to an unlimited increase in demand that demand is :
Perfectly elastic demand.

49. The additional revenue earned by selling an additional unit is called:
Marginal revenue.

50. The monopoly which may be created by Govt. to prevent wastages of capital equipment and to make essential commodities available at a cheap rate is :
Social monopoly.

51. The income of individuals which is left after meeting all necessary expenditures on essential items and all fixed liabilities is :
Discretionary income.

52. The firm produces a main product and a by – product are :
Joint product firm.

53. The assignment of work to a person according to his ability, education and skill is :
Division of labour.

54. Unity of command is the advantage of :
Line organization.

55. The acceptance of orders from another person due to his knowledge and skill is:
Technical authority.

56. A descriptive statement of the organizational relationship, responsibilities and duties on a given job is :
Job description.

57. The organization provides a stable environment in which employees can develop and exercise their skills is :
Academy culture.

58. If the purchases are made from a single or form a very few suppliers it is referred to as :
Concentrated buying.

59. The ships that move people and cargo on definite routes touching fixed port, as per scheduled time are:
The liners.

60. Which of the following is not related to ware house?
(a) It is always located near the factory
(b) It is aim for commercial purpose.
(c) It is meant for final produce.
(d) It holds goods as distribution centre.
Ans: (a) It is always located near the factory

61. Which of the following is not related to standardization?
(a) It is process of fixing standard.
(b)It is a mental process.
(c) It is applied in agricultural product only.
(d)IST stands for standardization.
Ans:(c) It is applied in agricultural product only.

62. Many consumers may share a strong desire for something that cannot be satisfied the existing products or services it is known as :
Latent demand.

63. The first chairman of the planning commission of India was :
Jawaharlal Nehru.

64. Which conference has given birth to TRIPS?
Uruguay round conference.

65. That portion of the costs which involves payment to outsiders is :
Out of pocket costs.

66. The objective of DRIP is to :
Exact sustainable employment opportunities in rural areas.

67. Tiny enterprises are one which has investment in plant and machinery not exceeding:
Rs.300 thousands.

68. The National Commission for women was set up in the year :

69. What is the nature of elasticity of demand for luxury items?

70. Who is the author of the book “Creative experience”?
Mary Parker Folatte.

71. Which of economy system occurred first?
(a) Laizes-fare
(b) Socialism
(c) Communism
Ans: (d) Capitalism.

72. National income may be determined through:
(a) Income approach
(b) Expenditure approach
(c) Productivity approach
(d)All of the above.
Ans: (d)All of the above.

73. Which one of the following is not involved in the characteristic of business ethics?
(a)Business ethics is a dynamic Philosophy.
(b)Business ethics is based on moral values.
(c)Business ethics is influenced by socio cultural value.
(d) Business ethics is not inspired by social welfare.
Ans:(d) Business ethics is not inspired by social welfare.

74. Management of sales force involves:
(a) Selection of sales man
(b) Compensation of sales man
(c) Training of sales man
(d) all of the above.
Ans: (d) all of the above.

75. Reducing the capital of a company is called:
Internal reconstruction.

76. Modern marketing concept emphasizes on :
Customer satisfaction.

77. Right shares enjoy preferential right as regards:
(a) Payment of retained earnings
(b)Payment of dividend
(c) Re payment of capital.
(d)None of the above.
Ans: (d) None of the above.

78. What is the operative function of Human Resource Management?

79. Social security benefit includes:
Old age pension.

80. Which of the following provide financial aid to the developing country’s of Asia?
(a) ADB
Ans:(A) ADB

81. The number of approved stock exchange in India is :

82. The ………. plan adopted “Gareebi Hatao” for the first time:
The fifth plan

83. The profit calculated by Marginal Costing and Absorption Costing are different because of:
Valuation of stock.

84. Which of the following is not the method of forecasting demand?
(a) Collective opinion method
(b) Total out line method
(c) Expert opinion method
(d) Controlled experiment method.
Ans: (b) Total out line method.

85. When marginal utility is negative then total utility?

86. Who is the author of the book “Choice of Techniques”?
Amartya sen

87. ICICI Bank is a :
Private sector bank.

88. The competition among alternatives which satisfy a particular category of desire is called :
Generic competition.

89. According to David C Mc Clelland an individual’s major motive to work include need for :
(a) Achievement
(d) All of the above.
Ans: (d) All of the above.

90. The term “executive” stands for :
The administrative executive.

91. Selection means:

92. The processes of inducing an employee in to the social set up of his work is :

93. The oldest form of business organization is :
Sole proprietorships.

94. Manufacturing activity relates to :
95. Psychological needs of man categorized by :

96. Imperial bank of India was nationalized in:

97. In which year the Govt. of India introduced export and import policy (Exim policy) for the first time?

98. Creditorship security is also known as:

99. The important document in international trade is :
Landing bill.

100. If actual rent is Rs.24,000 per annum. Fai rent Rs.28,000 per annum. Standard rent Rs.20,000 than the gross amount value is :

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