KERALA PSC LD Clerk Mental Ability Question Paper Free Download 2016

KERALA PSC LD Clerk Mental Ability Question Paper Free Download 2016.

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1. In a certain code FHQK means GIRL. How will WOMEN be written in the same code?


2. Which is the missing fraction in the following series?

2/3 4/7 ?/? 11/21 16/31

A) 6/11 B) 5/18 C) 7/13 D) 5/9 E) 9/17

3. Sasi and Suni independently complete a piece of work in 8 hours and 9 hours respectively. If they work together, how much time will be required to complete the work ?

A) 12 hours B) 6 hours C) 4 hours D) 2 hours E) None of these

4. Find out the answer:

5. PREMONITION is coded as 68530492904. How will you write MONITOR ?

A) 123456 B) 3049208 C) 3029408 D) 23456098 E) 77465

6. Mark the appropriate one which completes the series:

1,4,9,16,25, _______

A) 33 B) 36 C) 30 D) 256 E) 81

7. Four of the following from a group. Which is the different one?

A) Camera B) Negative C) Flash D) Painting E) Photography

8. Find out the one from among the alternatives given that meaningfully suits the sentence:

CONVICT is to ACQUIT as ATTRACT is to ______


9. Ashok is taller than Kavitha, but not as tall as Jayesh. Jayesh is shorter than Subodh who is not as tall as Prabodh. Who is the tallest of the group?
A) Prabodh B) Subodh C) Kavitha D) Ashok E) Jayesh

10. If ‘+’ means ‘x’ , ’-’ means ‘%’, ‘X‘ means ‘-‘ and ‘%’ means ‘+’, then
9 + 8 % 8 – 4 x 9 = ?
A) 26 B) 17 C) 65 D) 11 E) None of these

11. Four of the following five are alike in certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to the group ?
A) Lactometer B) Voltmeter C) Speedometer D) Diameter E) Thermometer

12. Starting from a point, Raju walked 12 meters towards North, he turned right and walked 10 meters, he again turned right and walked 12 meters, then he turned left and walked 5 meters. How far is he now and in which direction from the starting point ?

A) 27 meters towards East B) 5 Meters towards East C) 10 meters towards West D) 15 meters towards East E) None of these

13. If the English letter which is the beginning of the names of three English months, the English letter which is the last letter of one of the groups of four English months, and the first letter of the tenth English month are arranged in a proper sequence, a meaningful word is formed. Which is the meaning of that word in English ?

A) Vessel B) Weapon C) Pleasure D) Pot E) Metal

14. How many such 7s are there in the following number sequence which are immediately followed by 4 but not immediately preceded by 8 ?
5 4 7 8 9 7 4 3 8 7 5 7 4 8 7 4 1 2 7 4 5 7 9 4

A) Two B) Three C) Four D) Five E) None of these

15. Groups of 10 persons each were employed at 5 places on a daily wage system Payment of each member in the group is given and the total amount for the group is written in the last column. Which of the sums of total calculated are wrong ?


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