SAIL 2008 Question Paper Analysis

SAIL 2008 Question Paper Analysis.

1. Aptitude: they have asked most of the questions from percentage, profit and loss, problems on train, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Calender, Age problems, Time and Work, H.C.F & L.C.F, average, square roots, Decimal Fractions, Discount problems, Odd man out and series. Just go through the R.S AGGARWAL.

2. Verbal: they have asked for meanings, opposites, appropriate words, Passages, analogy, relationships, Coding and decoding, cubes and dice, statement and conclusions, Mirror images, Alphabet test, Mathematical Operations, Data sufficiency. follow Verbal and NON-verbal Reasoning by R.S AGGARWAL.

3. General Awareness: this is all about general knowledge test for the student. So try to refer some G.K general questions like some quotations given by great people like Mahatma Gandhi. they will give some quotation n they will ask who said this quotation like that, next, O2 is carried out by red blood cells n some on nature n some n history n some on current affairs n some on politics n some on food products like that so try to know some general questions.

4. Technical Test: they will ask about subject as I am from mechanical they asked questions from Automobile engineering, Design of machine members, Strength of materials, Kinematics, MOF, Thermal subject study all cycles n about working of piston n they have asked some problems from DMM n some problems on turbines n some of determining speeds so frens do concentrate up on core subjects which we have in our 2nd and 3rd and 4-1 sem subjects that too core subjects.

SAIL 2008 Question Paper Analysis

We have negative marking for each wrong answer, they will deduct 1/4 mark so first try to do only known questions n they try other questions

We will have time for 2hrs and 20mins so try the best. Today only I have given exam I donno any information regarding portion so I dint perform that much good in General Awareness and some tech questions and I am poor at Verbal. So I dont want other people do the same as I did in the exam so I am giving clear cut of this SAIL written test. Hope the best frens..

Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) Placement Paper Pattern

The written test paper uaually has the following 5 sections.
1. General knowledge
2. Reasoning and mental ability
3. Quantitative aptitude
4. Vocabulary
5. Technical Question (100)

The number of questions in each section may vary year to year,but the number of sections and total time will be same.Time will be 2 hour 30 minutes.Separate sectional cut-offs will be there and overall cut-off will be there.