WBJEE 2008 Question Papers with answers Free download pdf

WBJEE 2008 Question Papers with answers Free download pdf.

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1. The parasite which completes their life cycle in a single host is
(A) Fasciola hepatica, (B) Plasmodium vivax
(C) Taenia solium (D) Ascaris lumbricoidis

2. Name one disease of mulberry silk worm caused by protozoa
(A) Pebrine (B) Graseri
(C) Flachary (D) Muscardine

3. ‘Water Vascular System’ is present in which of the following phylum?
(A) Porifera (B) Cnidaria
(C) Ctenophora (D) Echinodermata

4. Which one of the following bacterium is being used extensively as ‘biopesticide’?
(A) Bacillus subtilis (B) Bacillus tliurinjiensi?
(C) Streptococcus lactis (D) Lactobasilus acidophilus

5. Which one among the following is just a cloning plasmid NOT an expression plasmid ?
(A) pBAD18-Cam (B) pBCSK
(C) pUC18 (D) pET

6. ‘Royal jelly’ is secreted from
(A) Hypopharyngeal gland
(B) Salivary gland
(C) Milk gland
(D) Integumentary gland

7. Gill rot disease in fishes caused by
(A) Aeromonus sp (B) Bacillus polymixa
(C) Bran sanguinis (D) Bacillus subtilis

8. Pests which only feed and oviposit on crop are called
(A) Major pest (B) Minor pest
(C) Accidental pest (D) Occasional pest

9. In which following triploblastic animal coelom is absent ?
(A) Platyhelminthes (B) Aschelminthes
(C) Annelids (D) Arthropods

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