UPPCL Assistant Engineer (Trainee) Question Paper 2020 Model Question Paper

UPPCL Assistant Engineer (Trainee) Question Paper 2020 Model Question PaperUPPCL Assistant Engineer (Trainee) Question Paper 2020 Model Question Paper.

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Expression for ?(n): u(n)-u(n-1)/ u(n-1)-u(n+1)/ u(n)+u(n+1)/…

The sequence (2,3,4,3) is circularly even/circularly odd/circularly zero/both
circularly even and odd.

Z-transform of 3n u(n).

Match the following with their characteristics: LED/LCD/nixie tube/optical fibre.

Numerical on a photodiode: to calculate the responsivity/sensitivity when a
specified no of incident photons cause a specified no of electron generation.

Given an op-amp ckt obtain an expression for o/p voltage.

No. of encirclements made about the origin of the nyquist plot of the open loop

For a radioactive sample which decays to 12.5% of its initial value in x days, the
half life is given by____

For a repeater in a PCM cable identify the correct sequence of actions amongst

O/P of a delta modulator when a ramp input is fed to it.

Steady state error with ramp i/p for a type-0 system.

Creeping occurs in energy meters bcoz….

Ultrasonic method of flow measurement cannot be used in liquids with air
bubbles/has less attenuation in air compared to liquid-identify the false statement (if
any) among these.

Major cause of losses in a fibre optic cable: dispersion/total internal
refraction/presence of core and cladding/…

Which layer in the OSI model is concerned with printer buffering,etc:

Given some function F(j?) calc its inverse CTFT.

Relation between laplace and z-transform: s=z/ s=ln z/ s=( ln z/T) /…

Maxm and minm probability error among ASK,PSK,FSK,DPSK etc

Which of the following is a non linear modulation scheme: PAM/QAM/PCM/…

Match the following functions: e-t , e-t + et, sin(?t) with causal and stable
system, causal and unstable system, etc.

Given a ckt with a 50 ? resistor in series between two voltage sources of 10 V
and 5 V magnitude calc power delivered by 5 V source.

Laplace transform of e-3tu(t)+e2tu(-t).

Which photodetector has output affected by own intrinsic noise: PN/APD/PIN/all.

AC signal conditioning is used for inductive and capacitive/resistive/piezoelectric
transducers/all of the above.

When I mode is added to proportional control system stability increases/
decreases/ steady state performance deteriorates/damping increases.

Reset control is another name for integral/derivative/proportional/…. Control.

Time response of system having transfer function 625/(s2+25) will be of the

Given some transfer function calc the peak response time.

The nyquist sampling rate of the function [sin(at)/t]2 will be…

The feedback topology that results in increased i/p and o/p impedance is current
series/voltage series/current shunt voltage shunt.

Numerical on cardiac output calculation given heart rate and volume per beat

In an ECG instrumentation amplifier the differential gain is provided by 1st
stage/2nd stage/mismatched resistors/output stage.

Repeat ques 40 above for the classic 3-op amp instrum amplifier.

EMG signals are of the order of mV/V/?V/…

Computer assisted tomography is used for…

Numerical on electrostatic instrument, to calculate deflection given spring
constant, torque etc.

To prevent loading of a ckt i/p impedance of a CRO should bee

Addition of a zero to a 2nd order underdamped system results in
increase/decrease of rise time and increase/decrease of peak overshoot.

For PI ctrl we obtain improved bandwidth/improved steady state performance/
worsened steady state performance/…

SNR of normal AM system is comparable/3 dB lower/3 dB higher/6 dB lower over
DSB-SC and SSB system.

Which is an effective measure of the noise related performance of an amplifier:
SNR/noise ratio/thermal noise/shot noise.

Given baseband signal freq and carrier freq calc which of the freq given will not
be present for conventional AM.

Distinction between FM and PM at high frequencies.

Which of these has the least propagation delay RTL/ECL/I2L/CMOS.

Switching speed of CMOS is affected/unaffected by changes in supply voltage.

Which of these provides a measure of heart rate P/QRS complex/T/none of

Given a ckt of a logarithmic amplifier you had to identify what ckt was it.

JFET can operate in depletion/enhancement/both/none of the above modes.

When a BJT operates in saturation the junctions are fwd biased/reverse biased/…

BIBO stability criterion implies that poles are within/outside/on the unit circle.

For faithful amplification of low amplitude signals the cut-off/active/saturation
regions of a transistor is used.

Lissajous pattern of a signal rotates 36 times per minute. if the oscillator
frequency is 560 kHz then the unknown freq is…


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