UPPCL Technician Trainee Question Paper 2020 Model Paper

UPPCL Technician Trainee Question Paper 2020 Model PaperUPPCL Technician Trainee Question Paper 2020 Model Paper.

Free download pdf (Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited UPPCL Question Paper Last 10 Years Papers with solution, Last Year UPPCL Question Papers,

what is the advantages and dis advantages of critical speed of turbine

What will happen if oil is mixed with boiler feed water?

What are the differences between heat transfer and mass transfer?

in what cycle steam power plant is based

how can calculate how much steam is to be required for generation of 1MW

what is ERW PIPE & Seamless PIPE Out of ERW and Seamless which one gives good

results for an impact force of 2700 N??

What are the protections required to protect turbine?

what is the difference between suction lift & suction head?

what is the defination of an ideal fluid?

What is the knee point of voltage of CT?

how fault in an electric system is detected & hw protection of equipments is done ?

How the cable size for a motor is decided

In a Synchronous generator, Can AC voltage be used instead of DC voltage in field
winding of rotor to produce AC power?

what happen ,if generator will generate leading power factor?

In microprocessors, what does the mnemonic SKIP do?

The peripherals of the computer(like keyboard, monitor) are connected through
buses directly or is there any interfacing device present in the CPU?

what is the difference between squirrel cage & slip ring induction motor?

Why a transformer Noise during its running condition ?

how do you come to know air is fully saturated

WHY TRANSFORMERS ARE RATED IN 11KV 22KV 33KV Instead off 10kv 20kv 30kv
1)Why electric shock is feel ?? n in a Electric Train why we didnt feel that ?

2)What is the reason for transformer Noise ??

3)What is relation b/w Transmission Lines & Communication Lines ?

4)Which material is used for making Transformer oil & How u measure its dielectric
strength & Name the test ?
an ice block submurged in the water, if the ice melt level of water

1. Given four unit-circle plots identify the one corresponding to a bandpass filter.

2. A 4 kHz signal is sampled at thrice the Nyquist rate and sent through a channel
with error ?1%. Calc the bandwidth of the channel.

3. Given a two port network in the form of a T find o/p admittance in terms of yparameters.

4. Connect two 1? resistors in series, then connect two 1H inductors across one of
the resistors such that the ckt looks like a 1? resistor in series with a ?-section of a
resistor and two inductors. With the series resistance on the i/p side, calc the
transfer function of this ckt

5. Inverse laplace transform of 1/s2[d/ds(e-3s/s)]

6. Lower useful input limit of a transducer is determined by…

7. Air-cored inductors are used for low frequency/high frequency/equal frequency

8. Given 4 pole-zero plots identify which one corresponds to the driving point
impedance of a series resonant ckt.

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