NPCIL Technical Question Paper 2011 NPCIL Executive Trainees

NPCIL Technical Question Paper 2011 NPCIL Executive Trainees.

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NPCIL Technical Question Paper 2011 NPCIL Executive Trainees

1 A full binary tree with n leaves contains?

2. The expression 1*2^3*4^5*6 will be evaluated as?

3 The feature in object oriented programming that follows he same operation to be carried out differently ,depending on the object, is?

4. icroistructions stored in the control mamory of a processor have a width of 26 bits. Each
microinstructionsion. is divided into three fields: a microoperation field of 13 bits, a next address field(x), and a MUX select field(y).There are 8 status bits in the inputs of the MUX. How many bits are there in the X and Y fields, and what is the size of the control memory in number of words?

. Substitution of values for names(whose values are constants) is done?

A root alpha (symbol) of equation f(x) =0 can be computed to any degree of accuracy if a ‘good’ initial approximation x0 is chosen for which?

Which of the following statement is correct? Vk)=Uk+1 delta Vk+Vk+1
delta Uk

The shift operator E is defined as E[f(xi)]=f(xi+h) and E-1[f(xi)]=f(xi-h) Then
delta(forward difference) in terms of E is ?

The formula (integration symbol) Sxnx0——————Ans:Trapezoidal rule.

The cubic polynomial y(x) which takes the following values:y(0)=1,y(1)=0,y(2)=1 and
y(3)=10 is x^3-2x^2+1.

x=a cos(t), y=b sin(t) is the parametric form of?

. The value of x at which y is minimum for y=x^2-3x+1 is ans:3/2.

. Some formula given from IT and Numerical Methods

If G is a graph with e edges and n vertices the sum of the degrees of all vertices in G is?

Let G be an arbitary graph with n nodes and k components.If a vertex is removed from G, the number of components in the resultant graph must necessarily lie between.

A graph in which all nodes are of equal degree, is known as

. If in a graph G there is one and only one path between every pair of vertices then G is a

. A simple graph (a graph without parallel edge or loops) with n vertices and k components can have at most.

Consider the polynomial p(x)=a0+a1x+a2x^2+a3x^3,where ai!=0,for all i. The
minimum number of multiplications needed to evaluate p on an input x is

A square matrix A is called orthogonal if A’A=?

If two adjacent rows of a determinant are interchanged, the value of the determinant?

If det((3,3)(x,5))=3 then the value of x is?

If A,B,C are any three matrices , then A’+B’+C’ is equal to?

A testing method, which is normally used as the acceptance test for a software system, is?

The ‘Command’ used to change contents of one database using the contents of another
database by linking them on a common key field is called?

A locked database file can be?

Which of the following contains complete record of all activity that affected the contents of a database during a certain period of time?

Purpose of ‘Foreign Key’ in a table is to ensure?

Which of the following scenarios may lead to an irrecoverable error in a databse system?
a.A transaction writes a data item after it is read by an uncommitted transaction.
b.A transaction reads a data item after it is read by an uncommitted transaction.
c .A transaction reads a data item after it is wriiten by a committed transaction.
d.A transaction reads a data item after it is written by an un committed transaction.

Use of IPSEC in tunnel mode results in?

Special software to create a job queue is called a?

Process is?

When a process is rolled back as a result of dead lock the difficulty which arises is?

On receiving an interrupt from an I/O device, the CPU?

Compared to CISC processors,RISC processors contain?

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