Delhi University LLB Entrance English Question Paper Answers

Delhi University LLB Entrance English Question Paper AnswersDelhi University LLB Entrance English Question Paper Answers.

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Delhi University LLB Entrance English Question Paper Answers

Writing and Communication Skill in English)

Write an essay in (about 250 words) on one of the following :
(A) Democracy
(B) Environmental Pollution
(C) Public Interest Litigation

Read the comprehensive passage below and answer the questions at the end of the
passage :

Modern drugs can heal a wide range of diseases, including those once thought to be incurable. These drugs come in the form of pills, tablets, capsules, creams and solutions. Some are taken orally, others are injected into the blood stream or applied over the diseased part of the body. Different diseases require treatment with different drugs.

Usually, it is the doctor who prescribes the drug and the dosage to be taken.
Today we hear a lot about drug abuse. This is the misuse of drugs–drugs obtained illegally and taken for the purpose of getting pleasure and thrills. The practice can ruin a person’s life and even lead to death as has happened to many young people. Knowing the dangers of drug abuse,the governments of many countries have taken various steps to deal with the problem.

(1) The word ‘incurable’ means
(2) The opposite of ‘modern’ is
(3) What is drug abuse ?
(4) Why according to the passage, do people take drugs illegally ?
(5) What is the danger of misusing drugs

Write 30 words on any two of the following :

(1) Criminal Justice System
(2) Population Explosion
(3) National Integration
(4) Science : a boon or boom

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