PSU CS Computer Science Question Paper Answers Sample Model Paper

PSU CS Computer Science Question Paper Answers Sample Model PaperPSU CS Computer Science Question Paper Answers Sample Model Paper.

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PSU CS Computer Science Question Paper Answers Sample Model Paper

The order of an internal node in a B+ tree index is the maximum number of children it can have. Suppose that a child pointer takes 6 bytes, the search field value takes 14 bytes, and the block size is 512 bytes. What is the order of the internal node?
A) 24 B) 25 C) 26 D) 27
Answer : (C)

The Boolean function x, y, + xy + x, y
A) x, + y, B) x + y C) x + y, D) x, + y
Answer : (D)

In an MxN matrix such that all non-zero entries are covered in a rows and b columns. Then the maximum number of non-zero entries, such that no two are on the same row or column, is A) £ a + b B) £ max {a, b} C) £ min {M-a, N-b} D) £ min {a, b}
Answer : (A)

The minimum number of page frames that must be allocated to a running process in a virtual memory environment is determined by
A) the instruction set architecture B) page size C) physical memory size D) number of processes in memory
Answer : (D)

The best data structure to check whether an arithmetic expression has balanced parentheses is a A) queue B) stack C) tree D) list
Answer : (B)

The address resolution protocol (ARP) is used for
A) Finding the IP address from the DNS
B) Finding the IP address of the default gateway
C) Finding the IP address that corresponds to a MAC address
D) Finding the MAC address that corresponds to an IP address
Answer : (D)

The goal of structured programming is to
A) have well indented programs
B) be able to infer the flow of control from the compiled code
C) be able to infer the flow of control from the program text
D) avoid the use of GOTO statements
Answer : (C)

Which data structure has the fastest insertion procedure?
A) Binary search tree
B) Ordered array
C) Heap
D) Unordered linked list
E) Ordered linked list

SQL is the combination of
A ) DDL and DQL
B ) DDL , DML and DQL
D ) None of these

Which of the following applications may use a stack?
A) A parentheses balancing program.
B) Keeping track of local variables at run time.
C) Syntax analyzer for a compiler.
D) All of the above

Which of the following is not a type of Operating System ?
(A) Multi-programming (B) Time-sharing
(C) Real-time (D) Concurrent Programming

The mechanical, magnetic, electronic and electrical devices from which a computer is fabricated is
called :
(A) Magnetic Core (B) Firmware
(C) Hardware (D) Software

The most efficient data-type for a variable that stores the number 4.6 e 20 is the _______ data-type.
(A) Character (B) Float
(C) Long integer (D) Short integer

Which of the following is a logical OR operator ?
(A) && (B) ||
(C) ? : (D) &

Which of the following is not a valid declarations for a C++ character string ?
(A) char S[6] ; (B) char S[6] = “Hello” ;
(C) char * S ; (D) char S[ ] ;

A function’s single most important role is to :
(A) give a name to a block of code (B) reduce program size
(C) accept arguments and provide a return value(D) help in organizing a program into conceptual units

Which of the following 4-bit number equals its 2’s Complement ?
(A) 1010 (B) 1000
(C) 0101 (D) 1100

The basic unit of measurement used for measuring opposition to current flow in a circuit is :
(A) volt (B) ampere
(C) ohm (D) watt

Programming in a language that actually controls the path of signals or data within a computer is called :
(A) Micro-programming (B) System programming
(C) Assembly programming (D) Machine programming

Which of the following is not a port/connection ?
(A) PS-2 (B) COM

What is the output of the following code ?
for (int a = 1; a < = 1; a++) cout << a++; cout << a;
(A) 22 (B) 12
(C) 13 (D) 23

Inheritance is a way to :
(A) organize data
(B) pass arguments to objects of classes
(C) add features to existing classes without rewriting them
(D) improve data-hiding and encapsulation

What is a Constructor ?
(A) A function called when an instance of a class is initialized
(B) Function that is called when an instance of a class is deleted
(C) A special function to change the value of dynamically allocated memory
(D) A function that is called in order to change the value of a variable

Which of the following gives the value stored in pointer a ?
(A) a; (B) val(a);
(C) *a; (D) &a;

Array passed as an argument to a function is interpreted as :
(A) Address of the array (B) Value of the first element of the array
(C) Address of the first element of the array (D) Number of elements of the array

Which of the following is the feature of stack ?
(A) All operations are at one end (B) It cannot reuse its memory
(C) All elements are of different data types (D) Any element can be accessed from it directly

What is the Postfix Expression for the following Infix (Inorder) expression ?
(A) 23*45/- (B) 23*-45/
(C) 23*45-/ (D) *23/45-

Binary search requires data to be in what order ?
(A) Increasing (B) Decreasing
(C) Random (D) Sorted

You are making your own database so that you can organize information about your ‘Top 100’ movies. You want to include information like Title, Actor (s), Director, Year etc. Each record in your database will represent :

(A) An actor (B) A director
(C) A year (D) A movie

What will be a suitable criterion that should be entered for a query to search for Employee Names beginning with M ?

(A) Start with M (B) Like M
(C) Like M* (D) Like ‘M*’

A field that is a primary key in another table is called a _______ .
(A) special key (B) foreign key
(C) simple key (D) composite key

This aggregate SQL function will return the number of rows in a database table :
(A) COUNT (*) (B) Rows (*)
(C) NUM (*) (D) SUM (*)

Which topology requires a central controller or hub ?
(A) Mesh (B) Star
(C) Bus (D) Ring

. In_______transmission, the channel capacity is shared by both communicating devices at all times :
(A) Simplex (B) Half-duplex
(C) Full-duplex (D) Half-simplex

________is the protocol suite for the current Internet.

In C++, to write data containing variables of type float, to an object of type of stream, you should use :
(A) The insertion operator (B) seek ()
(C) write () (D) put ()

A message from device A consists of packet X and packet Y. In the virtual circuit approach to packet switching, packet Y’s path ____________ packet X’s.
(A) is the same as (B) is dependent on
(C) is independent of (D) is always different from

There are n devices arranged in a ring topology. A device is deleted. There are now _____ links of
(A) n – 1 (B) n – 2
(C) n (D) n + 1

Which factor makes twisted-pair cable superior to fiber-optic cable ?
(A) signal attenuation (B) noise resistance
(C) bandwidth range (D) cost


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