MH-SSET-2013 Eligibility Criteria

MH-SSET-2013 Eligibility CriteriaMH-SSET-2013 Eligibility Criteria.

Medical Superspeciality Entrance Examination (MH-SSET) MH-SSET-2013 Eligibility Criteria

According to the present Eligibility Criteria for Medical Superspeciality Entrance Examination (MH-SSET) conducted by the Government of Maharashtra, candidates holding Medical Postgraduate Degree can appear for one or more than onetime for MH-SSET
Examination. Presently there is no restriction on the number of attempts for which candidate can appear to Medical Superspeciality Entrance Examination. As per the above referred letter of Government of Maharashtra there are now limitations for the number of attempts. The change in the rules for Eligibility to Medical Superspeciality Examination (MH-SSET-2013) is as follows.
However there is no change in the Eligibility Criteria for MH-SSET-2012.


-: Eligibility Criteria for Bonded Candidates for MH-SSET-2013 :- Download in  MARATHI  ENGLISH

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