GUJCET 2019-20 Syllabus and Question Pattern

GUJCET 2019-20 Syllabus and Question PatternGUJCET 2019-20 Syllabus and Question Pattern.

GUJCET 2019-20 Syllabus and Question Pattern Gujarat CET Common Entrance Test Entrance Exam 2019-20 (GUJCET | Gujarat CET) For Engineering and Medical.

The question papers of the examination shall be in Gujarati, Hindi and English languages. It is required that a candidate should mention his medium in application

 Pattern GUJCET 2019-20 Question Pattern

For Gujarat Common Entrance Test, there shall be multiple choice question papers of the following subjects and the number of questions, marks and time shall be as mentioned against them :*


Subject Name Total Time-120 minutes for both *

  • Physics  40 Questions and 40 Marks
  • Chemistry 40 Questions and 40 Marks
Subject Name Total Time-120 minutes for each subject
  • Biology 40 Questions and 40 Marks
  • Mathematics 40 Questions and 40 Marks

* There shall be one combined question paper for Physics and Chemistry i.e. 40 questions of Physics and 40 questions of Chemistry and, thus, total 80 questions, 80 marks and 120 minutes will be given. OMR Answer Sheet shall also be for 80 replies (answers). The
question papers for Biology and Mathematics shall be different and for that different OMR Answer-sheet shall also be given. It means 40 questions in Biology and Mathematics each, 40 marks and 60 minutes time shall be given.

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