ABACUS Aptitude question Paper 2013

ABACUS Aptitude question Paper 2013ABACUS Aptitude question Paper 2013 Placement Papers.

ABACUS Job 2013 Placement Aptitude question paper with answers ABACUS 2013 Aptitude question with solution you can download it in FREE, if ABACUS  2013 test paper in text or pdf for ABACUS 2013 Answer Keys you can download ABACUS for MBA 2013 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

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ABACUS Aptitude question Paper 2013.

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The population of a city increases @ 4% p.a. There is an additional annual increase of 4% of the population due to the influx of job seekers, find the % increase in population after 2 years ?

The ratio of the number of boys and girls in a school is 3:2 Out of these 10% the boys and 25% of girls are scholarship holders. % of students who are not scholarship holders.?

 A man leaves office daily at 7 pm  A driver with car comes from his home to pick him from office and bring back home.One day he gets free at 5:30 and instead of waiting for driver he starts walking towards home. In the way he meets the car and returns home on car  He reaches home 20 minutes earlier than usual. In how much time does the man reach home usually?? 
(Ans. 1 hr 20 min)
 A works thrice as much as B. If A takes 60 days less than B to do a work then find the number of days it would take to complete the work if both work together?
Ans. 22-1/2 days

. How many 1’s are there in the binary form of  8*1024 + 3*64 + 3 
 Ans. 4

If a=2/3b , b=2/3c, and c=2/3d what part of d is b/

(a) 8/27          (b) 4/9          (c) 2/3          (d) 75% (e) 4/3
Ans. (b)

2598 Successive discounts of 20% and 15% are equal to a single discount of
(a) 30%          (b) 32%    (c) 34%    (d) 35%    (e) 36
Ans. (b)
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