RBI Assistant Computer Knowledge question Paper 2013

RBI Assistant Computer Knowledge question Paper 2013RBI Assistant Computer Knowledge question Paper 2013 Placement Paper.

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RBI Assistant Computer Knowledge question Paper 2013.

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What is backup ?
(1) Adding more components to your network
(2) Protectiong data by copying it from the original source to a different destination
(3) Filtering old. data from the new data
(4) Accessing data on tape
(5) Using earlier data

The legal right to use software based on specific restrictions is granted via a……….
(1) software privacy policy
(2) software license
(3) software password manager
(4) software log
(5) None of these

What is an E-mail attachment?
(1) A receipt sent by the recipient
(2) A separate document from another program sent along with an E-mail message
(3) A malicious parasite that feeds off of your messages and destroys the contents

(4) A list of CC : or BCC : recipients
(5) A friend to whom E-mail is sent regularly


When data changes In multiple lists and all lists are not updated, this causes ………..
(1) Data redundancy
(2) Information overload
(3) Duplicate data
(4) Data consistency
(5) Data inconsistency

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