RBI Assistant General Knowledge question Papers 2013

RBI Assistant General Knowledge question Papers 2013RBI Assistant General Knowledge question Paper 2013 Placement Paper.

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RBI Assistant General Knowledge question Papers 2013.

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USA has asked India to reduce its dependence on crude oil supply from which of the following countries which is also a member of the OPEC ?
(1) Venezuela
(2) Iraq
(3) Libya
(4) Iran
(5) Nigeria

Which of the following is the most essential financial service which should be provided to the poor people to bring them in the network of financial inclusion ?
(1) Insurance for life
(2) Investment plan for future
(3) Pension for old age
(4) A bank account where he/she can save small amount
(5) Health insurance for minor illnesses and hospitalization in case of need

Who among the following is the President of a country at present? 
(1) Rupert Murdoch
(2) Ban ki-moon
(3) YoshihikoNoda
(4) Nicolas Sarkozy
(5) None of these

What does the letter F denote in NBFCs’ a term, seen very frequently in Banking world these days ?
(1) Formal
(2) Fiscal
(3) Federal
(4) Functional
(5) Financial

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