ABB Latest Placement Question Paper 2012

ABB Latest Placement Question Paper 2012ABB Latest Placement Question Paper 2012.

 ABB Technical question Paper 2012 Placement Papers.

ABB Job 2012 Placement Technical question paper with answers ABB 2012 Technical question with solution you can download it in FREE, if ABB  2012 test paper in text or pdf for ABB 2012 Answer Keys you can download ABB for MBA 2012 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

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ABB Latest Placement Question Paper 2012.

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26. An AC voltage of 50Hz is impressed in a resistive ckt, the oscillating power  has a frequency
(a) 50 Hz, (b) 100, (c) no oscillating power is there in resistive ckt

27. Insulation used in transformer ___________leakage flux.
(a) increases, (b) decreases

28.After rain what happens to Insulator
(a) break-down strength of Insulator decreases, (b)Arch length reduces

29.Diversity factor helps to …………(what ?) [Read diversity factor, load  factor, Reserve capacity factor in depth, with calculation]

30. Why capacitance is shown as a Shunt element in analysis of transmission line
(a) it is between Conductor & earth, (b) because Admittance is used for  calculation of capacitive reactance

31. B-R-Y sequence is followed in three phase system, if phase voltage in  B-phase is Vm sin 100, then the phase voltage in R-phase would be
(a) Vm sin (-20)

32. In a particular ckt I = Im Sin (wt -270) and V = Vm Sin wt, then type of ckt  is (a) pure resistive ckt

33. In a L-R ckt energy lost = 2000 W, energy conserved = 500W, then what is the  time constant

34. In electro-dynamometer A,meter & wattmeter the type of scale is

35. For the same current carrying capacity corona loss of ACSR will be  ________than copper conductor.
(a) more, (b) less, (c) equal. Ans: (b)

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