Accenture Placement Test Syllabus Exam Pattern

Accenture Placement Test Syllabus Exam PatternAccenture Placement Test Syllabus Exam Pattern 2013.

Verbal contained big English passages with less used words, for the underlined part of a sentence, choose another phrase which is the most suited one for replacement, grammar tense choose correct sentences, point out the error

Analytical was average. Most of you can clear it. Problems only on 3Q Time & Work, 5Q Syllogisms, 4Q Set theory, 2 questions on Probability, some encoding and decoding easiest problems, Raju is fourth from the last, 15th from the first(Q-strength of the class?) similar questions, questions on if i have 100 rs, 5rs 20 coins like examples.

Accenture Placement Test Syllabus Exam Pattern.

Pay attention three sentences have been given, choose which of them are exactly word-to-word identical(test your quickness)

Verbal 20Q
Analytical 15Q
Pay attention 20Q
Total time- 1hr
No sectional cutoff!

2nd Round-
Technical interview-
1.What do you want from Accenture?
2. Which languages are you good at?
3. Which is your favorite engineering subject? and questions on it.
4. Are you capable of leading a programming team?
5. Double pointers to reverse an array! ( I didn’t get )

3rd Round-

HR round

1. Your family background in 5 sentences.
2. Summaries your career in 5 sentences.
3. Why should we hire you?
4. Why just Accenture?
5. Strengths and weakness.
6. Do you have any questions? ( I asked what is associate s/w engineer)
Accenture had come to my college on the 16th and 17th of October, 2012. The eligibility criteria was an aggregate of 6 cgpa (60%) and above with no current arrears. 

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