Aditi Verbal Reasoning question Paper 2010

 Aditi Verbal Reasoning question Paper 2010Aditi Verbal Reasoning question Paper 2010 Placement Papers.

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Aditi Verbal Reasoning question Paper 2010.

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Directions for question 1-10: Each question comprises four scattered segments of a sentence. Identify from among the four choices the sequences that correctly assembles the segments and completes the sentence.

1. A. Anniversaries can be dicey things.
B. As long as the dead are being commemorated on a particular day, it is fine.
C. The opposition could keep its gun powder dry and ready as well.
D. But when it comes to a government celebrating a year or two in office, there can be trouble.

(a) DACB                     (b) CADB                  (c) ABDC                 (d) BCDA

2. A. It is less concerned with telling a tale.
B. As with so much Huxley’s later fiction, one is not sure whether or not to call this book a true novel.
C. It is also weak on characterization but strong on talk.
D. Than with presenting an attitude of life.

(a) CBDA                     (b) BADC                   (c) ABDC                 (d) DCBA

3. A. While the above is true for private sector companies, it is not so in the public limited companies.
B. But with the removal of control over premia, the premia at which issues are marked has gone up quite sharply.
C. So the cost of capital at even a lower debt equity ratio comes out lower.
D. Traditionally, the cost of equity is higher than the cost of debt.

(a) DBCA                       (b) BADC                 (c) ACDB               (d) CDAB

4. A. Compiling and debugging.
B. Testing.
C. Writing the code.
D. Thinking of the algorithm.
E. Understanding the problem

(a) DBECA                (b) CDABE               (c) ACDBE           (d) EDCAB

5. A. Such alliances are shaky from the start.
B. In this manner parties which are not able to get a mandate from the electorate are able to come to power.
C. We have seen the unique spectacle of political forming alliance just to form a government.
D. Indian democracy continues to amaze.

(a) ADBC                 (b) BADC                 (c) DCBA              (d) BDCA

6. A. They are the three faces of dysphasia – bad feeling.
B. Anxiety, Depression and Anger.
C. When the three combine and get out of control, we get what is called mental illness.
D. All of us experience three emotions almost daily.

(a) ACDB             (b) CBDA                 (c) CADB                 (d) DBAC

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