Agreeya Placement Paper 2011

Agreeya Placement Paper 2011Agreeya Placement Paper 2011.

 Agreeya Solution Job 2011 Placement  question paper with answers Agreeya 2011  question with solution you can download it in FREE, if Agreeya 2011 test paper in text or pdf for Agreeya 2011 Answer Keys you can download Agreeya for MBA/ B.Tech / M.Tech 2011 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

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Agreeya Placement Paper 2011

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(a) Which of the following represent conditional operator?
(A) = = (B) ?: (C) = (D) none

(b) Which of the following are the factors for calculating the optimality of an algorithm.
(A) Time (B) Memory Space (C) Both A & B (D) none

(c) Break statement is used in the following cases.
(A) Loop (B) switch-case (C) if (D) both A & B

(d) Which of the following things not specified by function Declaration ?
(A) no. of arguments (B) type of arguments
(C) return type (D) calling of function

(e) What is the return type of printf ( ) function ?
(A) int (B) float (C) void (D) char

(f) Which of the following cases Null character is used ?
(A) Array of integers (B) strings (C) structure (D) loops

(g) Which of the following represent array of pointers ?
(A) int *[ ] (B) int *ptr (C) int *( ) (D) none

(h) Which of the following is not the keyword of C language ?
(A) int (B) enum (C) power (D) float

(i) Nesting of structure means ……….. ?

(j) Union is…………than structure in terms of storage.

(k) ……………..function is used for closing a file.

(l) …………..No. of arguments are required in fseek( ) function ?

(m) Complexity of binary search is……………

(n) ………is the memory allocation function in DMA.

(o) ………function is using full to take control at the beginning of file.


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