Akamai Placement Paper 2011

Akamai Placement Paper 2011Akamai Placement Paper 2011.

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Akamai Placement Paper 2011

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1. Java Servlets are an efficient and powerful solution for creating ————- for the Web.
a. dynamic content
b. Static content
c. hardware
d.both a and b

2. Filters were officially introduced in the Servlet ————–specification
a. 2.1
b. 2.3
c. 2.2

3. ………… is the first phase of the Servlet life cycle
a. Initialization
b. service,
c. destruction
d.both b and c

4. The service phase of the Servlet life cycle represents all interactions with requests until the Servlet is ……….
c. Initiated
d. destroyed

5. GET methods are great for sending …………amounts of information that you do not mind having visible in a URL.

b. huge
d.both a and b

6. What Is JDBC?
a. java compiler
b. Java API
c.java interpretor
d. both a and b

7. JDBC is a…………… interface, which means that it is used to invoke (or “call”) SQL commands directly
a. low-level
b. middle level
c. heigher level
d. user

8. ODBC is not appropriate for direct use from Java because it uses a …………
a. C interface
b. C# interface
c. java interface
d. Both a nad c


9. kind of driver that converts JDBC calls into calls on the client API for Oracle, Sybase, Informix, DB2, or other DBMS is known as ………..
a.JDBC-Net pure Java driver
b. JDBC-ODBC Bridge plus ODBC driver
c. Native-API partly-Java driver
d.both b and c

10. JSP includes a mechanism for defining ……….or custom tags
a.static attributes
b. local attributes
c.dynamic attributes
d. global attributes

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