Akamai Placement Paper 2012

Akamai Placement Paper 2012Akamai Placement Paper 2012.

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Akamai Placement Paper 2012

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l. (a) In the given code :
int z,x = 5 ; y = –10 ; a = 4 ; b = 2
z = x++ – –y * b/a ;

What number will z in the sample code above contain ?
(i) 5 (ii) 6 (iii) 10 (iv) 11

 (b) With every use of a memory allocation function, what function should be used to release allocated memory which is no longer needed?
(i) unalloc( ) (ii) dropmem( ) (iii) release( ) (iv) free( )
(c) “My salary was increased by 15%!” Select the statement which will
EXACTLY reproduce the line of text above.
(i) printf(“\”My salary was increased by 15/%\!\”\n”);
(ii) printf(“My salary was increased by 15%!\n”);
(iii) printf(“My salary was increased by 15’%’!\n”);
(iv) printf(“\”My salary was increased by 15%%!\”\n”);

(d) What is a difference between a declaration and a definition of a variable?
(i) Both can occur multiple times, but a declaration must occur first.
(ii) There is no difference between them.
(iii) A definition occurs once, but a declaration may occur many times.
(iv) A declaration occurs once, but a definition may occur many times.

(e) #define MAX_NUM 15 Referring to the statement, what is MAX_NUM?
(i) MAX_NUM is an integer variable.
(ii) MAX_NUM is a linker constant.
(iii) MAX_NUM is a precompiler constant.
(iv) MAX_NUM is a preprocessor macro.

(f) Which one of the following functions is the correct choice for moving
blocks of binary data that are of arbitrary size and position in memory?
(i) memmove( ) (ii) memcpy( ) (iii) memset( ) (iv) strncpy( )

(g) In the code int x = 2 * 3 + 4 * 5; What value will x contain in the sample code ?
(i) 22 (ii) 26 (iii) 46 (iv) 50

(h) In the statement int var l; If a variable has been declared with file scope, can it safely be accessed globally from another file ?
(i) Yes; it can be referenced through the register specifier.
(ii) No; it would have to have been initially declared as a static variable.
(iii) No; it would need to have been initially declared using the global keyword.
(iv) Yes; it can be referenced through the publish specifier.

(i) strcpy ( ) function is defined in header file _____________.
(j) A structure containing pointer type variable of its own type as a member is known as _______________.
(k) p[i] is equivalent to ______________________ . .
(l) Contents of the variables does not change in case of call by ____________
(m) goto statement is a______________directional in nature.
(n) do… .while statement is a _______________ level statement.
(o) Recurssion is a process of _________________

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