Alcatel Lucent Placement Paper 2012

Alcatel Lucent Placement Paper 2012Alcatel Lucent Placement Paper 2012.

 Alcatel Lucent Solution Job 2012 Placement  question paper with answers Alcatel Lucent 2012  question with solution you can download it in FREE, if Alcatel Lucent 2012 test paper in text or pdf for Alcatel Lucent 2012 Answer Keys you can download Alcatel Lucent for MBA/ B.Tech / M.Tech freshers 2012 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

Alcatel Lucent Solution Campus 2012 exam recruitment question paper Free Download PDF is available in which has been provided by many students Alcatel Lucent Placement paper for fresher 2012 paper is available for all the students in FREE and also Alcatel Lucent Placement  question paper for B.Tech MCA 2012 fully solved Alcatel Lucent 2012 with answer keys and solution.

Alcatel Lucent Placement Paper 2012

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 a) Are the identifiers name and NAME different in C++?

b) How you will use ”goto” control statement in C++.

c) Write a for loop in C++ to print even number from I to 20.

d) 1 low will you declare a constant in C++?

e) How are the pointer variables declared in C++? Give an example.

1) What is the primary purpose of a default constructor in C++?

g) What is a member function? Can two classes contain member functions with the same name?

h) What is a template function in C++?

i) Write C++ syntax to declare that a class B is derived from class A.

j) What is function overriding?

What is  instance variables.

1) Explain enumeration with suitable examples.

111) Consider the following section of C++ program, in which i and ii are mt  
What are the values of I and n?

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