Allfon Placement Paper 2011

Allfon Placement Paper 2011Allfon Placement Paper 2011.

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Allfon Placement Paper 2011.

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  • a) Give the difference between packet sw!tching and message switching.
  • b) What are the services provided by the data link layer?
  • c) What is Ethernet?
  • d) Differentiate between analog and digital signals.
  • e) What are the differences between internet, intranet and extranet?
  • f) What is the function of a modem? Why is it called a modem?
  • g) What are connection oriented and connection-less services?
  • h) What is the purpose of the Hamming code?
  • i) Name the four typ~s of S-frames.
  • j) Why are two buses needed in DQDB?

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