BVP Engineering CET Question Paper 2012 With Answers

BVP Engineering CET Question Paper 2012 With AnswersBVP Engineering CET Question Paper 2012 With Answers.

Bharati Vidyapeeth University Common Entrance Test For B.Tech BVP Engineering CET 2012 question paper with answers BVP Engineering CET  2012 Question with solution you can download it in FREE, if BVP Engineering CET  2012 paper in text or pdf for BVP Engineering CET 2012 Answer Keys you can download BVP Engineering CET 2012 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

 Bharati Vidyapeeth University Common Entrance Test For B.Tech (BVP Engineering CET) 2012  Question paper Free Download PDF is available in which has been provided by many students this BVP Engineering CET 2012 paper is available for all the students in FREE and also BVP Engineering CET  question paper 2012 fully solved BVP Engineering CET with answer keys and solution.

BVP Engineering CET Question Paper 2012 With Answers

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6. A synchronous relay satellite reflects TV signals and transmits TV programme from one part of the world to the other because its period of revolution is greater than the
(a) period of rotation of the earth about its axis                                                                                 (b) period of revolution is less than the period of rotation of the earth about its axis
(c) period of revolution is equal to the period’ of rotation of the earth about its axis
(d) mass is less than the mass of earth

7. When a metal wire elongates by hanging a load Mg on it, the gravitational potential

energy of mass M decreases by MgI. This energy appears                                                             (a) as elastic potential energy completely                                                                                       (b) as thermal energy completely
(c) half as elastic potential energy and half as thermal energy
(d) as kinetic energy of the load completely


9. Isobaric modulus of elasticity is equal to

(a) isochoric modulus of elasticity
(b) isothermal modulus of elasticity
(c) zero
(d) infinite

10. An engine is moving on a circular path of radius 100 m with a speed of 20 m/s. What will be the frequency observed by an observer standing stationary at the centre of circular path when the engine blows a whistle of frequency 500 Hz?

(a) More than 500 Hz (b) Less than 500 Hz
(c) 500 Hz (d) No sound is heard

11. The work done by a particle moving with a velocity of 0.7 c (where c is the velocity of light) in empty space free of electromagnetic field and far away from all matter is
(a) positive (b) negative
(c) zero (d) Infinite

12. A boat carrying a number of large stones is floating in a water tank. What will happen to the water level if the stones are unloaded into water?

(a) rise
(c) remain unchanged
(d) rise till half the number of stones are unloaded and then begin to fail


14. Equal volumes of monoatomic and diatomic gases at the same temperature are given equal quantities of heat. Then

(a) the temperature of diatomic gas will be more
(b) the temperature of monoatomic gas will be more

(c) the temperature of both will be zero                                                                              (d) nothing can be said


16. A block of mass 5 kg is moving horizontally at a speed of 1.5 ms’. A vertically upward force S N acts on it for 4 s. What will be the distance of the block from the point where the force starts acting?

(a)2m (b)6m
(c) 8m (d) lOm


17. A copper wire and a steel wire of the same diameter and length are joined end to end and a force is applied which stretches their combined length by 1 cm. Then the two wires will have
(a) the same stress and strain
(b) the same stress but different strains
(c) the same strain but different stresses                                                                                         (d) different stresses and strains

18. A body of mass 1 kg is rotating in a vertical circle of radius im. What will be the difference in its kinetic energy at the top and bottom of the circle? (take g = 10 ms2)

(a)10J (b)20J
(c)30J (d)50J


20. In a sinusoidal wave, the time required for a particular point to move from maximum displacement to zero displacement is O.17s. The frequency of the wave is

(a) 1.47 Hz (b) 0.36 Hz
(c) 0.73 Hz (dl 2.94 Hz


21. A particle moves through angular displacement 9 on a circular path of radius r. The linear displacement will be

(a)2rsin(0/2) (b)2rcos(0/2) 
(c)2rtan(O/2) (d)2rcot(0/2)


23. When a rod is heated but prevented from expanding, the stress developed is independent of

(a) material of the rod
(b) rise in temperature
(c) length of rod
(d) None of the above


26. A clock hung on a wall has marks instead of numerals on its dial. On the adjoining wall, there is a plane mirror and the image of the clock in the mirror indicates the time 7:10. Then the time on the clock is

(a)7:1O (b)4:50
(c) 5:40 (d) 10:7


30. A vertical straight conductor carries a current upward. A point P lies to the east of it at a small distance and another point Q lies to the west at the same distance. The magnetic field at P is

(a) greater than at 0
(b) same as at 0
(c) less than at Q
(d) greater or less than at Q depending upon the strength of current


34. Out of a photon and an electron the equation E = pc, is valid for

(a) both (b) neither
(c) photon only (d) electron only

35. An observer looks at a tree of height 15 m with a telescope of magnifying power 10. To him the tree appears

(a) 10 times taller                                                                                                                             (b) 15 times taller                                                                                                                              (c) 10 times nearer                                                                                                                                (d) 15 times nearer

36. A 50 Hz alternating current of peak value 1A flows through the primary coil of a transformer. If the mutual inductance between the primary and secondary be 1.5 H, then the mean value of the induced voltage is

(a)75V (b)SOV
(c) 225.V (d) 300V


37. A cell of emf E and internal resistance r is connected in series with an external resistance nr. Then the ratio of the terminal potential difference to emf is

(a) (1/n) (b) 1/(n+1)
(c) n/(n+1) (d) (n+1)/n


41. A capacitor is connected to a cell of emf E and some internal resistance r. The potential difference across the
(a) cell is E (b) cell is < E
(c) capacitor is < E (d) capacitor is> E


43. A radioactive sample with a half-life of 1 month has the label “Activity = 2 iCi on 1-8-1991”. What was its activity two months earlier?

(a) l.O pci (b) O.5pci
(c) 4pci (d) 8pci


45. The resolution limit of the eye is 1 mm. At a distance x km from the eye, two persons stand with a lateral separation of 3m. For the two persons to be just resolved by the naked eye, x should be

(a) 10km (b) 15km
(c) 20km (d) 30km

46. The necessary condition for an interference by two sources of light is that

(a) two light sources must have the same wave length
(b) two point sources should have the same amplitude and same wavelength

(c) two sources should have the same wave length, nearly the same amplitude and have a constant phase difference
(d) two point sources should have a randomly varying phase difference


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