CTET November 2012 Social Studies | Social Science Question Paper II

CTET November 2012 Social Studies | Social Science Question Paper IICTET November 2012 Social Studies | Social Science Question Paper II.

Central Teacher Eligibility Test CTET November 2012 Social Studies | Social Science Paper II For Class VI to VIII CTET Nov 2012 Social Studies | Social Science Question Paper For Upper Primary Teacher   in Hindi and English Language

31. Bodies that do not have their own heat anc light, but are lit by the light of the stars ar known as
(1) Stars
(2) Constellations
(3) Planets
(4) Celestial bodies

32. The place, people, things and nature thai surround any living organism are called
(1) Lithosphere
(2) Surrounding
(3) Environment
(4) Biotic resources

33. When one particu1ar image is fixed with an individual or group, it is known as
(1) Discriminated
(2) Stereotyped
(3) Mistreated
(4) Statue

34. Who led the Ant3-British movement in Kittoor?
(1) Ahilyabai Holkar
(2) Rani Laxmibai
(3) Rani Channamma
(4) Nana Phadnis

35. The Mughal Architecture is a blending of
(1) Arab and Indian styles
(2) Persian and Indian styles
(3) Turkish and Afghan styles
(4) Turkish and Persian styles

36. Resources which are found in a region, but have not been utilised are known as
(1) Potential resources
(2) Actual resources
(3) Waste resources
(4) Valuable resources

37. The Standard Meridian of India is
(1) 82° 30’ E longitude
(2) 82° 50’ E longitude
(3) 82° E longitude
(4) 83° 30’ E longitude

38. When rock fragments get compressed and hardened to form layers of rocks they are known as
(1) Igneous rocks
(2) Metamorphic rocks
(3) Sedimentary rocks
(4) Primary rocks

39. When State does not interfere in religious affairs it is called
(1) arbitrary
(2) secularism
(3) sovereignty
(4) polity

40.: Which one of the following is true about classical dances?
(1) They are always superior to folk dances
(2) There are eight recognised classical forms of dances
(3) Kathakali is the classical form of Kathak
(4) Kathak was recognised as a classical dance form only after Independence

41. In the Indian freedom struggle. 4Dandi March’ marked the beginning of
(1) Quit India Movement
(2) Civil Disobedience Movement
(3) Swadeshi Movement
(4) Home Rule Movement

42. Which one of the following is an erosional land feature?
(1) Loess
(2) Delta
(3) Moraines
(4) Mushroom rocks

43. Which of the following is a conventional source of energy?
(1) Fossil fuel
(2) Wind
(3) Solar energy
(4) Tidal energy

44. In India, the Governor of the State is appointed by the
(1) President of India
(2) Parliament
(3) Prime Minister
(4) Chief Justice of Supreme Court

45. Who among the following Mughal rulers led the idea of ‘Universal Peace’?
(1) Akbar
(2) Shahjahan
(3) Humayun
(4) Jahangir

46. Who among the following was the founder of ‘Khalsa’ ?
(1) Guru Nanak Dev
(2) Guru Angad Dev
(3) Guru Govind Singh
(4) GuruTeg Bahadur

47. Out of the following, which is the most ideal layer of the atmosphere for flying aeroplanes?
(1) Troposphere
(2) Ionosphere
(3) Stratosphere
(4) Exosphere

48. Article-21 of the Indian Constitution entitles
(1) Right to Freedom of Religion
(2) Right to Equality
(3) Right to Life
(4) Right to Constitutional Remedies

49. The highest law making body in India is the
(1) Parliament
(2) Prime Minister and his Council
(3) President
(4) Judiciary

50. Which of the following forests do not have a distinct period of shedding leaves, and therefore do not ever look bare?
(1) Tropical deciduous
(2) Tropical evergreen
(3) Temperate evergreen
(4) Temperate deciduous

51. A type of farming in which higher doses 01 modem inputs are used to obtain higher productivity is known as
(1) Commercial Farming
(2) Extensive Agriculture
(3) Shifting Agriculture
(4) Subsistence Farming

52. When a number of industries locate close to each other arid share the benefits of their closeness, it is referred to as
(1) Industrial system
(2) Industrial region
(3) Market economy
(4) Assembly line production

53. A particular area from which all the voten living there choose their representative i called a
(1) Territory
(2) Constituency
(3) SLate
(4) Region

54. East coast of North America and the sea around Japan have rich fishing grounds because of
(1) a cold current flowing along the coast
(2) indented coastal area
(3) a warm current along the coast
(4) meeting of warm and cold currents

55. More than 80 percent of the population of the world lives in
(1) Asia and Africa
(2) Asia and South America
(3) North America and Asia
(4) Asia and Europe

56. When the subjugation of one country by another leads to political, economic, social and cultural changes we refer to this process as
(1) Confederacy
(2) Mercantile
(3) Colonisation
(4) Renaissance

57. Which of the following literary heritage of India means ‘approaching and sitting near?
(1) Upanishads
(2) Vedas
(3) Aranyakas
(4) Puranas

58. The system of tax became moat prominent in the period of
(1) Harappan Civilization
(2) Vedic Age
(3) Mahajanapadas
(4) Guptas

59. In India, the Munda Tribe lived in the region of
(1) Chhotanagpur
(2) Bastar
(3) Durg
(4) Kullu

60. The movement of the Earth around the Sun is known as
(1) Rotation
(2) Revolution
(3) Orbital plane
(4) Circle of illumination

61. Read some points about the Atlantic Ocean:
A. It is ‘S’ shaped.
B. Its coastline is smooth and straight.
C. it is the busiest ocean from commercial viewpoint.
Which of the above statements are true?
(1) Only Aand B
(2) Only B and C
(3) Only A and C
(4) A,B and C all

62. The tomb of a Sufi saint is known as
(1) Idgah
(2) Khanqah
(3) Ibadatgah
(4) Dargab

63. Which one of the following is a ‘Palaeolithic. site’?
(1) Inamgaon
(2) Hallur
(3) Ilhimbetka
(4) Iurzahom

64. The famous conquest of Kalinga by the Mauryan ruler Ashoka was fought in present day
(1) Karnataka
(2) Odisha
(3) Kerala
(4) Andhra Pradesh

65. A universal language of the map can be understood by way of
(1) Conventional symbols
(2) Sketch
(3) Alphabets
(4) Thematic maps

66. Which of the following complements diversity?
(1) Speaking in own mother tongue
(2) Celebrating own festivals
(3) Visiting native village
(4) Travellinginatrain

67. A narrow strip of land, which connects two land masses is known as
(1) Isthmus
(2) Gulf
(3) Island
(4) Strait

68. The year 2012 can also be written as
(1) BC 2012
(2) EC 2012
(3) AD 2012
(4) AP 2012

69. Most suitable statement about Biosphere is
(1) Man’s immediate surroundings
(2) Plant and Animal kingdom
(3). Land, water, air, plants and animals
(4) Various domains of environment

70. Where, among the following, is the mid-day Sun exactly overhead at least once a year on all latitudes?
(1) Between Tropic of Cancer and Equator only
(2) Between Tropic of Capricorn and Equator only
(3) Between Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn
(4) Between Arctic Circle and Antarctic Circle

71. Which one of the following is the most suitahk teaching aid to show proportionate size anc shape of continents?
(1) Physical map of the World
(2) Poster of the Earth
(3) Globe
(4) Political map of the World

72. Which of the following is the most important feature of a book on Social Sciences at the national level?
(1) It should not include lengthy texts as it is difficult for children to remember lengthy texts
(2) It should provide information in a crisp and systematic way to facilitate memorisation
(3) It should be such so as to enable all social groups to relate to it
(4) It should not follow any particular school of thought specially in writing history

73. Parents of a first generation learner express their Inability to help their child in dealing with his/her educational problems during a PTA. As a teacher you should
(1) ask them to join centres established for adult education
(2) ask them to carefully monitor the time their child devotes to his studies at home
(3) comfort them by tolling that their knowledge about their child is of utmost importance in helping to deal with their child
(4) ask them to provide an environment rich in different types of learning materials at home
74. The collection of weather information by usin weather instruments is an example o collecting
(1) Primary data
(2) Secondary data
(3) Tertiary data
(4) Generic data

75. A Social Science teacher often takes an objective type formative assessment but sh has a doubt about the reliability of the test developed by her. What should be done tc increase the reliability of these assessments?
(1) Use standardised test
(2) Use questions given in the booklet o exemplars published by NCERT
(3) Try to find out what other teachers do
(4) Increase the number of questions

76. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation mainly focuses on
(1) continuous testing to improve the child
(2) continuous observation of the behaviour of the child
(3) education of Head, Heart and Hand
(4) promoting weaker ineligible students to higher grade

77. Social Science should equip children with
(1) the ability to follow social rules about gender
(2) the ability to withstand social pressure
(3) the ability to think independently
(4) the ability to defend social practices

78. The median score of a class of 51 students is 36 in a summative assessment in Scia1 Sciences. It suggests that
(1) the majority of students scored below 36
(2) 25 students scored marks equal to or above 36
(3) the majority of students scored in the range of 36 — 46
(4) 36 percent of the content is learned by them

79. Which one of the following should be the most noticeable for a Social Sciences teacher about a discussion held recently?
(1) Students started questioning their co-students directly
(2) Students interrupted their co-students frequently
(3) No student seemed to be agreeing fully with other students
(4) Students refused to listen to their co-students completely

80. Which of the following is an advantage of a spiral curriculum in Social Sciences?
(1) Retention of the concepts for a longer period of time and with deeper understanding
(2) Ability to apply the concepts across disciplines
(3) Increased opportunities to develop theme based learning
(4) Make the concepts more purposeful and relevant

81. While assessing the attitudes and values, a Social Science teacher may assign weightage to which of the following descriptors?
(1) Passively accepting ideas of others
(2) Peels free to ask questions
(3) Does not share credit with other children
(4) Does not wish the teacher everyday

82. Which one of the following is not recommended by CBSE for Formative Assessment?
(1) Source-based analysis
(2) Models and charts
(3) Too frequent testing
(4) Using authentic sources of primary texts

83. Which one is right in reference to Social Science at elementary level?
(1) History — Geography – Political Science — Economics
(2) History — Geography — Political Science — Sociology
(3) History — Geography — Civics — Sociology
(4) History — Geography — Economics — Sociology

84. If a teacher wants to teach ‘evolution of life’ he/she must visit
(1) Natural history museum
(2) Archaeological museum
(3) Zoological park
(4) Animal sanctuary

85. The following factors form a basis for teaching Social Science except
(1) to promote analytical skills
(2) to promote social skills for adjusting in global world
(3) to transmit information on texts
(4) to develop critical understanding of society

87. A class includes some tribal children and as a result there is an environment of cultural diversity in that class. Which of the following would be the most suitable method for the teacher to use this effectively?
(1) Asking students to tell about their tribes and relate the information to topics being taught
(2) Highlighting the role of freedom fighters such as Birsa Munda during the freedom movement
(3) Asking students to carry out action research on topics related to their culture and valued by them the most
(4) Displaying tribal artifacts and costumes

88. Normative dimension of Social Science includes which of the following dimensions?
(1) Relevancy
(2) Equality
(3) Utility
(4) Cogency

89. Which one of the following is a characteristic of reciprocal learning?
(1) Responsibility for learning is shared between the students and the teacher
(2) Learning proceeds by addressing the causes of forgetting
(3) Teacher reciprocates by actively leading the teaching-learning process
(4) Teacher is completing her education while working in a school

90. Best way to teach the topic ‘Functions o Parliament’ is through
(1) Lecture method
(2) Story telling
(3) Conducting debates for arriving at consensus over issues
(4) Project work

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