CTET Question Paper May 2012 with Answers (Class VI to VIII)

CTET Question Paper May 2012 with Answers (Class VI to VIII)CTET Question Paper May 2012 with Answers For Paper II (Class VI to VIII) Upper Primary Teacher.

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 “Socialization” means
(1) following the social norms Hrict1y
(2) adjusting in society
(3) revolting against socini norms
(4) understanding ocia1 diversity

 The Cauvery river dispute s between
(1) Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
(2) Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu
(3) Kerala and Karnataka
(4) Tami] Nadu and Karnataka

 ‘The Cooked Midday Meal Programme’ was introduced for the first time by
(1) Uttar Pradesh
(2) Odisha
(3) Andhra Pradesh
(4) Tamil Nadu

 India being a secular state
(1) intervenes in the religious matters
(2) does not intervene in religious matters
(3) maintains ‘principled distance’ as per the Constitution
(4) patronises all religions


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