Amdocs Placement Paper 2011

Amdocs Placement Paper 2011Amdocs Placement Paper 2011.

Amdocs Solution Job 2011 Placement  question paper with answers Amdocs 2011  question with solution you can download it in FREE, if Amdocs 2011 test paper in text or pdf for Amdocs 2011 Answer Keys you can download Amdocs for MBA/ B.Tech / M.Tech freshers 2011 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

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Amdocs Placement Paper 2011

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____________ is one of pre-emptive scheduling algorithm.
(A) Shortest-Job-first (B) Round-robin
(C) Priority based (D) Shortest-Job-next

A software to create a Job Queue is called ____________ .
(A) Linkage editor (B) Interpreter
(C) Driver (D) Spooler

A permanent database of a general model of compiler is ____________ .
(A) Identifier table (B) Page map table
(C) Literal table (D) Terminal table

Loading operating system from secondary memory to primary memory is called ____________ .
(A) Compiling (B) Booting
(C) Refreshing (D) Reassembling

In a object oriented software design, ‘Inheritance’ is a kind of __________ .
(A) relationship (B) module
(C) testing (D) optimization

Reliability of software is directly dependent on :
(A) quality of the design
(B) number of errors present
(C) software engineer’s experience
(D) user requirement

Which of the following is not true in C+ + ?
(A) “Private” elements of a base class are not accessible by members of its derived class.
(B) “Protected” elements of base class are not accessible by members of its derived class.
(C) When base class access specified is “Public”, public elements of the base class become public members of its derived class.
(D) When base class access specified is “Public”, protected elements of a base class become protected members of its derived class.

 Which of the following is true of constructor function in C + + ?
(A) A class must have at least one constructor.
(B) A constructor is a unique function which cannot he overloaded.
(C) A constructor function must be invoked with the object name.
(D) A constructor function is automatically invoked when an object is created.

 A primary key for an entity is
(A) a candidate key
(B) any attribute
(C) a unique attribute
(D) a superkey

 Aggregate functions in SQL are:

 If a relation is in 2NF and 3NF forms then
(A) no non-prime attribute is functionally dependent on other non-prime attributes
(B) no non—prime attribute is functionally dependent on prime attributes
(C) all attributes are functionally independent
(D) prime attribute is functionally independent of all non-prime attributes

The end of an SQL command is denoted by
an end-of-line character
(B) an ‘enter-key’ marker
(C) entering F4 key
(D) a semicolon (;)
Consider the query : SELECT student_name FROM students WhERE class_name = (SELECT class_name FROM students WIlE RE math_marks = 100); what will be the output ?

(A)  the list of names of students with 100 marks in mathematics
(B) the names of all students of all classes in which at least one student has 100 marks in mathematics
(C) the names of all students in all classes having 100 marks in mathematics the names and class of all students whose marks in mathematics is 100

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