AppLabs Placement Syllabus | Selection Process

AppLabs Placement Syllabus | Selection ProcessAppLabs Placement Syllabus | Selection Process AppLabs Technologies Campus 2013 Exam Pattern.
1. Verbal 

  • It consist of spelling corrections, antonyms and synonyms,

2. Aptitude

  • Numerical problems,
  • Graphical Shape
  • Problem Solving Technique
  • Problem on Interest
  • Error Problem.

3. Analytical


4. Technical

  • Networking
  • Number System
  • Micro processor
  • MOSFET, CRO, BJT, transmission Line, Boolean algebra etc.

Personal Interview:

  • Q: Why do you want to join?
  • Q: Will you accept transfer?
  • Q: Could you draw the Two transistor analogy of SCR?
  • Q: How is Opam used as comparator?
  • Q: Why is MOSFET preferred than BJT in power systems?
  • Q: Diff between Class A & class B amplifier.
  • Q: Why is Push pull arrangement used?
  • Q: What will happen if the load of an Half wave rectifier is replaced by capacitor. Draw The wave form.

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