Aricent Analytical Ability Question Paper 2010 Placement Papers

Aricent Analytical Ability Question Paper 2010 Placement Papers Aricent Analytical Ability Question Paper 2010 Placement Papers.

Aricent Job 2010 Placement Analytical Ability question paper with answers Aricent 2010 Analytical Ability question with solution you can download it in FREE, if Aricent  2010 test paper in text or pdf for Aricent 2010 Answer Keys you can download Aricent for fresher  MBA/ B.Tech / M.Tech 2010 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

Aricent Campus 2010 exam recruitment Analytical Ability question paper Free Download PDF is available in which has been provided by many students Aricent Placement paper for 2010 paper is available for all the students in FREE and also Aricent Placement Analytical Ability question paper for fresher  B.Tech MCA 2010 fully solved Aricent 2010 with answer keys and solution.

Aricent Analytical Ability Question Paper 2010 Placement Papers

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Write the number of the pair which is different from other pairs:
(a) Head and Cap (b) Pen and Pencil
(c) Ink and Inkpot (d) Oil and Lamp
(a) Culprit and Prison (b) Pupil and Teacher
(c) Patient and Hospital (d) Bird and Nest
24. Rs 2,000 amounts to Rs 2,226.05 in 2 years at compound interest. What will be the rate of interest?
(a) 5% (b) 5.25%
(c) 5.5% (d) 6%

25. Write the number of the two words which have the same relationships as Comb and Hair.
(a) Toothache, Tooth brush (b) Paint and Wall
(c) Boot and Brush (d) Engine and Petrol

Fill in the blanks with appropriate choices:

26. Meat is to Vegetarian as …… is to Teetotaler.
(a) Mutton (b) Chicken
(c) Vegetables (d) Liquor

27. …… is to Goat is Milk is to Child.
(a) Fodder (b) Graze
(c) Shepherd (d) Grain

28. Soap is to Dirt as Petrol is to ……
(a) Dry Cleaner (b) Grease
(c) Car (d) Clothes

29. A man travels 2 miles, turns left and travels 3 miles, turn left again and travel 6 miles. How far is he from the starting point?
(a) 4 miles (b) 7 miles
(c) 5 miles (d) 9 miles

Choose the word, which is of a different class from the others in the following:
(a) Chinese (b) English
(c) Bengali (d) Germany
(a) Triangle (b) Rectangle
(c) Circle (d) Rhombus

32. If BAD is coded as YZW and FIGHT is coded as URTSG. How will you encode HIGH?
(a) TRST (b) SRTS
(c) STSR (d) TSRT
33. If 9 × 7 = 3545 and 4 × 3 = 1520 then 6 × 8 = ?
(a) 5040 (b) 6050
(c) 4030 (d) 3040

34. If CAFÉ is coded as 3165 and HIDE is coded as 8945, how will you encode HEAD?
(a) 8514 (b) 5816
(c) 9156 (d) 8154

Fill in the blanks:
35. 11:::20x:…………..34
(a) 18x (b) 16x
(c) 15x (d) 14x

36. 31:::27y:……………..42
(a) 21y (b) 16y
(c) 12y (d) 14y

37. If 20 – 4 = 10 and 30 – 6 = 10 then 40 – 8 = ?
(a) 30 (b) 24
(c) 10 (d) 28

38. If in a code, 52 – 36 = 97 and 46 – 78 = 1510, then how 53 – 62 can be encoded?
(a) 1520 (b) 88
(c) 2015 (d) 8800

39. A watch gains 12 seconds every 3 hours, what time will it show at 10 A.M. on Tuesday if the watch is set right at 3 A.M. on Sunday?
(a) 09 hrs 58 minutes (b) 09 hrs 57 minutes 8 seconds
(c) 10 hrs 2 minutes (d) 10 hrs 3 minutes 40 seconds

40. I bought a watch for Rs. 60. What will it fetch if I sell at a gain of 25%??
(a) Rs 72 (b) Rs 75
(c) Rs 77.50 (d) Rs 80

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