Aricent Interview Question Placement Exam Aricent Technologies 2013

Aricent Interview Question Placement Exam Aricent Technologies 2013Aricent Interview Question Placement Exam Aricent Technologies 2013.

HR and Technical Interview with Answers Solution Download Aricent Paper Free Download PDF Aricent fresher Test Paper Interview question bank 2013

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Aricent Interview Question Placement Exam Aricent Technologies 2013

  • introduce yourself briefly
  • what are storage classes used in C n their advantages, disadvantages n their uses
  • do you know fibonacci series n implement it 1>using main() as recursive 2>using user defined recursive function with parameter passing 3>without parameter passing (he just wanted to know whether you have sound programming skill or not)
  • different stages of C programming
  • function used for dynamic memory allocation n their differences
  • what is data structure n ADT (abstact data type)
  • given an expression n told 2 draw d tree. then 2 find out post-order n pre-order n explanation
  • implementing doubly linked list and adding n deleting nodes at some given positions
  • difference between C and C++
  •  advantages of C++
  • about new n delete operator in comparison with malloc(), calloc() and free() functions
  • why malloc() function isn’t used in C++. instead we are using new operator
  • difference between structure and class in C++
  • difference between DBMS n RDBMS (told abt E.M.CODD’S 12 rules n key concept)
  • What is I NF and 2 NF
  •  some simple queries
  • about page replacement algorithm
  • what is page fault n thrashing
  • what is synchronization n different tools
  • how to implement semaphore n monitor
  • what is deadlock n different mechanism to avoid it
  • which C/C++ compiler you are using and it’s effect on size of data types. what do u mean by a 32-bits OS
  • what is computer network n distinguish from distributed system
  • what is an IP, it’s function n the layer on which it is used
  • different version of IP addresses n explain IPV4 in details with classes
  • about OSI and TCP/IP network model
  • application of queue n stack
  • about router, bridge, switch… etc.
  • 1-2 situation based questions
  • What is endianness. how can you know your computer is either little or big one. write a code to find it.
  • where extern n static variables are stored.
  • write program for binary search and derive its time complexity.
  • what is constructor and why it is mainly used.
  • what is binary search tree and it’s uses


HR Interview

Questions in HR interview :

  • · Introduction
  • · Family background
  • · How do feel like to be a younger brother. If given a chance what would you like to be elder or younger brother.
  • · Interest (development/ testing) n y?
  • · R u placed somewhere and if yes then y do u want to join aricent
  • · Relocation?
  • · Have you ever worked in a team? N if yes what have u learned from it?
  • · Asked to speak on a topic “growth.
  • · Any questions?

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