Aricent Placement Paper 2013

Aricent Placement Paper 2013Aricent Placement Paper 2013 Aricent Technologies Question Placement Papers 2013 with Answers Free Download.

Aricent Technologies Job 2013 Placement  question paper with answers Aricent 2013  question with solution you can download it in FREE, if Aricent 2013 test paper in text or pdf for Aricent 2013 Answer Keys you can download Aricent for MBA/ B.Tech / M.Tech freshers 2013 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

Aricent Technologies Campus 2013 exam recruitment question paper Free Download PDF is available in which has been provided by many students Aricent Placement paper for freshers 2013 paper is available for all the students in FREE and also Aricent Placement  question paper for B.Tech MCA 2013 fully solved Aricent 2013 with answer keys and solution.

Aricent Placement Paper 2013

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  • What is the difference in meaning between x3 and x[3]?
  • Identify the error in the following C statement

int x[8], i;
for (i = 0; i < = 8; ++i)
x[i] = i;
Will the error be defected? If so when?

  • Differentiate between dynamic and non dynamic data structures.
  • Input a date using C program and check if it is valid. Print messages accordingly
  • Give an example of beta testing.
  • What is implementation? How does it differ from conversion?
  • What is the most important criteria for software selection?
  • What do you mean by data hiding in C++?
  • What are function prototypes?
  • How many ways are there to initialize an int with a constant?
  • Write a declarator for a pure virtual function called purevar() that returns type void and takes one argument of type int.
  • What do you mean by pure virtual function?
  • Why network standardization is too important in today’s world?
  • Explain how the digital data is suitable for communication purposes than analog data?
  • Do port addresses need to be unique? Why or why not?
  •  Explain why port addresses are shorter than IP addresses?
  • A complete binary tree contains 15 nodes. How you will calculate the depth of the tree.
  • What is the complexity of an algorithm?
  • Student entity has roll no, name & address attributes. Student can be hosteller or day scholar. Hosteller has to pay mess-bill. Draw an entity relationship model for the above statement.
  • What do you mean by degree of a relation?
  • Give the usage of any two Oracle Functions.
  • Explain column command of Oracle

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