Ashok Leyland Aptitude Placement Question Paper

Ashok Leyland Aptitude Placement Question PaperAshok Leyland Aptitude Placement Question Paper.

Ashok Leyland Job 2013 Placement Aptitude question paper with answers Ashok Leyland 2013 Aptitude question with solution you can download it in FREE, if Ashok Leyland  2013 test paper in text or pdf for Ashok Leyland 2013 Answer Keys you can download Ashok Leyland for fresher  MBA/ B.Tech / M.Tech 2013 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

Ashok Leyland Campus 2013 exam recruitment Aptitude question paper Free Download PDF is available in which has been provided by many students Ashok Leyland Placement paper for 2013 paper is available for all the students in FREE and also Ashok Leyland Placement Aptitude question paper for fresher  B.Tech MCA 2013 fully solved Ashok Leyland 2013 with answer keys and solution.

Ashok Leyland Aptitude Placement Question Paper

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Forty three persons went to a canteen which sold cold drink ‘Maaza’ and ‘Pepsi’. If 18 persons took
Maaza only, 8 took Pepsi only and 5 took nothing, find how many took both the drinks :
(A) 35 (B) 21
(C) 12 (D) 26

A man works for 2 days and then rests for one day, then works for 2 days and rests for one day and so
on. For everyday he works, he earns Rs. 100. How much will he earn from Monday to Saturday?
(A) Rs. 200 (B) Rs. 300
(C) Rs. 400 (D) Rs. 500

A rectangular plot of lawn of length and width respectively x and y metres is surrounded by a pathway
of 2 metres width. The total area of pathway is :
(A) 2x + 2y + 4 (B) 2x + 2y + 8
(C) 4x + 4y + 8 (D) 4x + 4y + 16

Unscramble the letters of words and find odd one out.
(1) TLAES (2) KOBO

A square park is surrounded by a path of uniform width 2 metres all round it. The area of the path is
288 sq. metres. The perimeter of the park is
(1) 142 m (2) 128 m
(3) 136 m (4) 118 m

What is the sum of 5×3 – 3×2 – 1 and 3×2 + 1?
(1) 5×3 (2) 6×2
(3) 5x (4) 3×2

India has won the “World Cup Hockey” title:
(1) Twice (2) Once
(3) Thrice (4) Never

The price of T.V. set inclusive of sales tax of 9% is Rs. 13.407. Find its marked price.
(1) Rs. 12,300 (2) Rs. 11,500
(3) Rs. 12,500 (4) Rs. 12,400

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