BiralSoft Interview Question Paper 2013 Placement Papers

BiralSoft Interview Question Paper 2013 Placement PapersBiralSoft Interview Question Paper 2013 Placement Papers.

BiralSoft Job 2013 Placement Interview question paper with answers BiralSoft 2013 Interview question with solution you can download it in FREE, if BiralSoft  2013 test paper in text or pdf for BiralSoft 2013 Answer Keys you can download BiralSoft for fresher  MBA/ B.Tech / M.Tech 2013 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

BiralSoft Campus 2013 exam recruitment Interview question paper Free Download PDF is available in which has been provided by many students BiralSoft Placement paper for 2013 paper is available for all the students in FREE and also BiralSoft Placement Interview question paper for fresher  B.Tech MCA 2013 fully solved BiralSoft 2013 with answer keys and solution.

BiralSoft Interview Question Paper 2013 Placement Papers.

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  • Convert the given decimal no to octal no
  • Convert the given decimal no to hexadecimal
  • Convert the given octal no to hexadecimal
  • Difference b/w ASCII and EBCDIC code
  • Definition of data abstraction
  • Definition of encapsulation
  • In java  2.3 +”5.2″ is equivalent to  Ans is “7.5”
  • In java range of  char
  • If 2 table contains 70 and 50 rows then there join will contain hw many rows  Ans     3500
  • One question of JDBC connectivity
  • characteristic of view
  • Kernal id of Unix Ans 0



  • Tell about yourself?
  • What is your Strength n weakness?
  • R u willing to work in any branches of Birlasoft?
  • Why should i Hire you?
  • Why Birlasoft?
  • Your long term Goal?
  • How much salary expect?
  • Finally Tell your final year project?

Technical and HR interview was combined:-

  • briefly describe your self.
  • why Birlasoft.
  • what is operator overloding.
  • What is inheritance how does it work.
  • what is the difference between Dbms & Rdbms.
  • Tell the commands of ddl, dml, dcl & tcl command’s.
  • Describe multitasking and multi threading.
  • What is encapsulation.
  • What is the cycle to develop software.

Tech+hr they have asked me

  • java(exception handling)
  • dbms(normalization)
  • Software Engineering (Testing)
  • C++(friend function)
  • Table to normalize
  • Find errors in some c++ syntax
  • Some hr question’s like
  •  -family background
  •  -qualities
  •  -strength
  •  -weakness
  •  -some question related to hobbies
  •  -they will check your confidence, communication skills

I was asked-

  • 1. about myself
  • 2. why my scores showed decline from school to college
  • 3. description of my project that I did during college
  • 4. if i had any placement so far
  • 5. difference between procedure and function
  • 6. difference between unique key and primary key
  • 7. some questions on probability
  • 8. asked me to write the code for declaring a structure in C++

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