BiralSoft Placement Syllabus 2014 | Selection Process | Exam Question Pattern

BiralSoft Placement Syllabus 2014 | Selection Process | Exam Question PatternBiralSoft Placement Syllabus 2014 | Selection Process | Exam Question Pattern
Whole procedure consisted of 3 rounds.

  • 1) Written test
  • 2) Group Discussion
  • 3) Technical cum HR Interview


Consisted of 50 questions to be completed in an hour

There was negative marking of.25 


Mainly java and DBMS theoretical  questions

2 questions from Software  engineering

2)20-Quantitative aptitude 

  • 2-3 quests decimal to hexadecimal and octal
  • Mixture and allegation
  • Percentage
  • Q gain 50%, loss 50%.find total loss percent
  • Average
  • Very simple, basic level quest in this section RS Aggarwal is sufficient for this section


  • 3-4 Vocabulary
  • Q synonym for Amenities
  • Ans Facilities
  • Q antonym to autonomous
  • Ans dependent
  • 2-3 wrong Sentence questions
  • 2-3 idioms and phrases
  • Q “if winters come, can spring be far behind”….what does it mean?
  • Q chicken hearted stands for kind hearted or weak hearted or…….


  • ”MALIKA SHERAWAT in kajrare song
  • “Should international Men’s day be celebrated?”

Technical and HR Interview

  • 1. What is the difference between C and C++?
  • 2. What is the difference between Top Down Approach and Bottom Up Approach?
  • 3. What is Friend Function and where and when is it used?
  • 4. Can we use ‘main’ anywhere in the program?
  • 5. What is Function Overloading and Function Overriding?
  • 6. What is Exception handling in JAVA and how can we overcome it?
  • These were most of the Technical questions
  • 1. Tell me about yourself?
  • 2. So you are a good motivator. Cite an example in your real life how you motivated someone to do a work?
  • 3. You have written that you were the Head Girl of your School. So what responsibilities did you handle during that period?
  • 4. What all social activities do you do in your community?
  • 5. You are an NCC certificate holder. What all activities did you do during that period?
  • 6. Do you want to ask any questions?
  • I asked him to tell me about the company. He gave me the website and the details about the company.
  • He asked me, “Any more questions?”
  • I asked him “Sir, Will everyone cooperate with me in the company?”. He answered me, “That you cannot say. You have to

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