CSIR Chemistry Question Paper with Answers June And December 2011

CSIR Chemistry Question Paper with Answers June And December 2011CSIR Chemistry Question Paper with Answers June And December 2011.

Junior Research Fellowship & Lectureship: CSIR NET Chemistry 2011 question paper with answers CSIR NET Chemistry June  2011 Question with solution you can download it in FREE, if CSIR NET Chemistry  2011 paper in text or pdf for CSIR NET Chemistry 2011 Answer Keys you can download CSIR NET Chemistry 2011 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

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CSIR Chemistry Question Paper with Answers June And December 2011

You can get daily updates on CSIR NET Chemistry 2011 from www.oldquestionpapers.net here you can also check similar links for other related study materials on CSIR NET Chemistry  Here Junior Research Fellowship & Lectureship: CSIR NET Chemical Sciences  question bank 2011 is also available in English and Hindi Language

 A long cylinder has an axially placed two-bladed fan spinning inskle it. Bullets are shot through the cylinder at a constant rate. If the number of blades is increased to four, the number of bullets
I. missing the blades is halved.
2. missing the blades is reduced  byorc-fourth.
3. hitting the blades is doubled.
4. hitting the blades remains the same.

 Which of the following caused disruption of air traffic in Europe after the volcanic eruption in Iceland in the year 2010?
1. Risk of engine damage by volcanic ash.
2. Increased local temperature.
3. Reduced visibility due to volcanic gases.
4. Presence of toxic gases.

 Diabetic patients are advised a low glycaemic index diet. The reason for this is
1. They require less carbohydrate than healthy individuals
2. They cannot assimilate ordinary carbohydrates
3. They need to have slow, but sustained release of glucose in their blood stream
4. They can tolerate lower, but not higher than normal blood sugar levels

Standing on a polished stone floor one feels colder than on a rough floor of the same stone. 1’his is becaiise
1. Thermal conductivity of the tone depends on the surface smoothness
2. Specific heat of the stone changes by polishing it
3. The temperature of the polished floor is lower thtn that of the rough floor
4. There is greater heat loss from the soles of the feet when in contact with the polished floor than with the rough floor

 The FALSE statement for a polarographic measurement procedure is
1. O,is removed
2. Id ropprng mercury electrode is working electrode
3. 1 is proportional to concentration of electroactive species
4. Residual current is made zero by adding supporting electrolyte

CSIR NET Chemical Sciences June Question Papers 2011

CSIR NET Chemical Sciences December Question Papers 2011

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