CSIR Mathematics Question Paper with Answers June And December 2013

CSIR Mathematics Question Paper with Answers June And December 2013CSIR Mathematics Question Paper with Answers June And December 2013.

Junior Research Fellowship & Lectureship: CSIR NET Mathematics 2013 question paper with answers CSIR NET Mathematics June 2013 Question with solution you can download it in FREE, if CSIR NET Mathematics 2013 paper in text or pdf for CSIR NET Mathematics 2013 Answer Keys you can download CSIR NET Mathematics 2013 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

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CSIR Mathematics Question Paper with Answers June And December 2013

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 L A stream of ants go from point A to point 13 and return to A along the same path. All the ants move at a constant speed and from any given point 2 ants pass per second one way. It takes 1 minute for an ant to go from A to B. How many returning ants will an ant meet in its journey from A to B?
1. 120 2. 60
3. 240 4. 180

 A large tank filled with water is to be emptied by removing half of the water present in it everyday. After how many days will there be closest to 10% water left in the tank?
1. One 2. Two
3. Three 4. Four

 A lucky man finds pots of gold coins. He counts the coins in the first four pots to be 60, 30, 20 and 15, respectively. If there is a definite progression, what would be the numbers of coins in the next two pots?
1. 10 and 5 2. 4 and 2
3. 12 and 15  4. 12 and 10

 A 16.2 m long wooden log has a uniform diameter of 2 m. To what length the log should be cut to obtain a piece of 22 m3 volume?
1. 3.5m 2. 7.Om
3. 14.Om 4. 22.Om

 The distance between two oil rigs is 6km. What will be the distance between these rigs in maps of 1:50000 and 1:5000 scales, respectively?
1. 12 cm and 1.2 cm
2. 2 cm and 12cm
3. 12O-cm-and-12 cm__
4. l2cmandl20cm

 A bird perched at the top of a 12 m high tree sees a centipede moving towards the base of the tree from a distance equal to twice the height of the tree. The bird flies along a straight line to catch the centipede. If both move at the same speed, at what distance from the base of the tree will the centipede be picked up by the bird?
1. 16m 2. 9m
3. 12m 4. 14m

CSIR NET Mathematics Question Papers June 2013

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