JNU MCA Entrance Question Papers 2003 with Answers

JNU MCA Entrance Question Papers 2003 with AnswersJNU MCA Entrance Question Papers 2003 with Answers.

JNU MCA Entrance Question Paper 2003 With Answers Solution Free Download  JNU MCA Entrance 2003 Question Paper, This JNU MCA Entrance 2003 Question will help all the students for their exam preparation, here the question type is MCQ i.e multiple choice question answers, if this JNU MCA Entrance 2003 question paper in pdf file for JNU MCA Entrance you can download it in FREE, if JNU MCA Entrance 2003 paper in text for JNU MCA Entrance you can download JNU MCA Entrance 2003 page also just Go to menu bar, Click on File->then Save.

JNU MCA Entrance Question Papers 2003 with Answers

The question paper for the entrance examination will consist of multiple choice questions. Syllabus:
10+2/Graduate level Mathematics and Probability, Graduate level Computer Science and General Aptitude.

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 An ordinary deck of 52 playing cards is randomly divided into 4 piles of 13 cards each. The probability that each pile has exactly I ace is
(a) 0.105 (b) 0.215 (c) 0.516 (d) 0.001

Suppose that the number of typographical errors on a single page of a certain book has Poisson  distribution with parameter X = 1/2. In 600 pages book, the average number of errors in the book is  
(a) 300 (h) 150 (c) 600 (d) 393

In seven-layer OSI network architecture, the fourth layer corresponds to
(a) data link control layer (b) session layer
(c) transport layer (d) presentation layer

 Given any five points in the square 12 = {(x, y) : 0  x  1, 0  y  1}, only one of the following statements  is true. Which one is it?
(a) The five points lie on a circle
(b) At least one square can be formed using four of the five points
(c) At least three of the five points are collinear
(d) ‘I’here are at least two points such that the distance between them does not exceed

The worst case running time of quick sort is
(a)O (nlog2 n) (b)O(n1og n)
(c) 0 (n2) (d) None of these

You have an application in which a large hut fixed table is to be searched very frequently. ‘I’he available  RAM is adequate to load the table. What would be the best option for storing such a table?  
(a) a sorted array (b) Binary search tree
(c) Hash table (d) A heap

The number of ways in which three distinct numbers in AP can be selected from 1, 2, …, 24 is
(a) 112 (b) 132 (c) 276 (d) 572

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