CBSE Class 10 Economics Sample Paper 2019-2020 with Marking Scheme

CBSE Class 10 Economics Sample Paper Marking SchemeGet latest CBSE Class 12 Economics Sample Paper 2019-2020 with Marking Scheme. From the following table students may download CBSE Class 12 Economics Marking Scheme also. All of these previous year CBSE Class XII Economics Sample Paper are provided by Central Board of Secondary Education India.

CBSE Class XII Economics Sample Paper 2019-20


1. If it is given that the total variable cost for producing 15 units of output is Rs.3000 and for 16 units is Rs.3,500. Find the value of Marginal Cost. (1)

2. Ceteris Paribus, if the government provides subsidies on electricity bills, what would be the likely change in the market demand of desert coolers? (1)

3. Which of the can be referred to as ‘point of satiety’? (1)

i) Marginal Utility is negative
ii) Marginal utility is zero
iii) Total Utility is rising
iv) Total Utility is falling

4. Which of the following is an assumption of Production Possibility Frontier? (1)

i) Resources are not fully employed.
ii) Resources are not equally efficient for production of the two goods.
iii) Resources are not efficiently employed.
iv) Resources available are not fixed.

5. Comment upon the degree of elasticity of demand for Good X, in the following given situations, if the price of the commodity rises from Rs.5 per unit to Rs. 7 per unit and the quantity demanded falls from 20 units to 16 units :

i) Using the total household expenditure method,
ii) Using proportionate method.

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